Trevor Jackson’s “Superfly” Full REVIEW

If you are in to action, chase scenes, hand to hand combat, and explosions…this is for you. If you loved the original, this is for you. The screening I went to was full of an older generation familiar with the original film…and they all seemed pleased with this update. Some even said they preferred it to the original.

If you are coming to see the movie for “Grown-ish” star Trevor Jackson…prepare yourself. This is a completely different role and to truly enjoy it, you have to forget what you know or think of him. It’s easier said than done.

I feel like an opportunity was missed to use Trevor’s youth to their advantage in this film. He looks like exactly what he is…a young guy in his early twenties. This role was clearly written for a man in his 30s and I could feel the weight of Trevor’s performance, trying to play older. He had the swag down, the maturity, talent, and the action skills. I wish the director or writers could have met somewhere in the middle to let Trevor shine as a young boss instead of trying to make him look like a seasoned vet tired of the game. That part wasn’t believable.

The plot itself was easy to digest and less predictable than I expected. Some things are easy to point out like, “oh this guy is going to be trouble”, but for the most part there were enough twists in the story to keep me fully engaged. You have an idea of the outcome but there’s no way to predict how they get there. The journey is everything! So many of the scenes had me on the edge of my seat because of their intensity!

Standout performances were led by Jason Mitchell (as The right hand best friend), Lex Scott Davis(One of his lovers), and the jealous weasel of a villain played by Kaalan Rashad “KR” Walker. Jennifer Morrison also popped to me as the ultimate badass dirty cop.

After watching the trailer for the original 1972 film…I also don’t like the hair in this remake. It is an unnecessary gimmick. I thought it was meant to resemble the original Super Fly’s ‘do, but that version’s hair was a regular look for that time period. Trevor’s hair was a distraction.

Overall I give this movie 3.5 stars. It was very good, but it could have definitely been a 4 if they had embraced Trevor’s youth.

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