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“Happy Together” : CBS’ New Show Based On Harry Styles !

What happens when an international pop star wants a normal life? “Happy Together” creator Ben Winston answers that question based off his real life experience with One Direction’s Harry Styles!

CBS’ new show ” Happy Together” is loosely based on the 18 months Harry Styles spent living “hidden in plain sight” in Winston’s suburban home. Styles serves as an executive producer on the show as well.

Damon Wayans Jr and Amber Stevens West play the happily married but maybe a little bored couple who takes in a young pop star craving normalcy, played by Felix Mallard. “Cooper”, Mallard’s character, isn’t completely based off Style. The actor stated he drew inspiration from his fellow Aussie friends who are musicians.

Only time will tell if Styles himself will make a cameo on the show, which premieres October 1st at 8:30pm on CBS.

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