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Actress and Producer Katelyn Pearce “Whenever I’m acting I’m digging as deep as I can and being as open as possible.”

Actress Katelyn Pearce grew up with parents who were alcoholics. Her dad left when she was 6-years old. Her 3 other siblings would face a lot of sadness and drama, but also tremendous love from her grandparents.

Pearce’s grandfather, an Artist took her to her first audition for the local youth community theatre when she was 9. She was hooked.

Acting at first was a place where Pearce felt safe and happy. At some point, it became about a deep seeded need for love and attention. Now, it’s her way of finding truth and humanity. “Whenever I’m acting I’m digging as deep as I can and being as open as possible. Every time I do that I connect on a deeper level with myself and the world around me.”

She played a model in a hot tub with Damien Lewis in Showtime, “BILLIONS” “It was a really fun role to shoot. He was incredible to work with. It was the ending of an episode where something really major shifted with his role. It’s shot like this epic Game of Thrones ending. I love it!”

Her recent role is in PORNO she plays Lilith. “I love playing a badass, and I love horror. I mean, Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis are two of my biggest icons, and this role takes up that kind of mantle in a way.”

PORNO was cast by Indie Casting Director, Adrienne Stern in NYC. The film hasn’t been released yet.

She can also be seen in the film, “Maybe There’s a Tree.” It is full of comedy and satire. “Sully Sullenberger’s emergency landing turns their play, “Hero on the Hudson” into a prophetic overnight hit. Johnny Steele and Mike Deuce are suddenly the toast of the town. Theatrical soothsayers who become the subject of a grad school documentary. Two more dim bulbs are added to Broadway’s great white way and both boys celebrate their success by abusing interns and finding hotter girlfriends. Graced with free space, funding, and a flood of new collaborators, the two set out to show the world and a rival feminist theater company, A Womb of One’s Own – that they are, in fact, the next big thing. What follows is the ridiculous rise of a downtown theater company who proves once and for all that intelligence and talent are just big words artsy people use to keep you down.”

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What makes a great Actress? “Honesty and spontaneity or maybe I’m just thinking that right now because I just saw A STAR IS BORN. Lady Gaga was so surprising. I never knew what she was going to do, none of her choices felt stale or expected, but she was so heartbreakingly truthful. I hope she wins this year. I think she deserves it.”  

Pearce is known for playing powerful, strong, femme fatale type roles. “ I am those things, but I’m a lot more introverted and conservative in my personal life than any of the characters I play. But that’s why they’re fun.” “I love horror and I love comedy. Especially dark and weird comedy. That tends to be what I do the most.”

She will be working on the film, “The Rabbits” in February. She plays Amanda, a young Lawyer who fights for the love she believes in. “She’s really different from most of the roles I have played. The film also boasts a really strong, female-driven cast.”

What do you enjoy most about producing? “I love producing because nothing is more satisfying than seeing something come out of literally nothing. You have this tiny kernel of an idea one year and it’s a whole series the next year. So SOHA was my first producing endeavor and I still love that project. Someday I would like to make it into a pilot, but some other projects are coming ahead of it for now.”

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