About Us

Instinct Culture is a new platform designed to talk about all realms of pop culture. Our motto is “it’s all part of the culture.”Therefore, our staff of writers cover everything from the hottest Television shows, the latest movie news, celebrity updates and Pro Wrestling news.

Fandoms are very important to Instinct Culture, because we believe your instincts is what drives you to a certain fan base. So, whether you’re a Swiftie or Camilizer, we update you on EVERYTHING that is happening in your fan base.

We are the ultimate site for the ultimate fan.


Instinct Culture was created by digital host, Entertainment Reporter and producer, Denise Salcedo. Throughout her career as a Freelance Journalist, she has worked for numerous companies, developing videos, and writing. However, Denise always knew she wanted to do something more, something she was passionate about. After, doing so much for other outlets, Denise realized that she too could create her own news site. A place where she can use her voice, her creativity and her instincts.




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