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Millie Bobby Brown Gets HUGE Raise for Stranger Things Season 3!

TMZ reported that the cast of Stranger Things would be receiving major raises thanks to a renegotiation, however Millie Bobby Brown who plays “Eleven” is set to make much more! In fact, for this third season she can end up making over 3 million dollars!

Millie’s original contract had her at $25k per episode, however after the renegotiation TMZ reports she will be making $350,000 per episode! Therefore, at the end of the season she could be looking at a $3.15 million dollars.

Millie’s said to be making more than the rest of the Stranger Things cast, they’re reportedly going to make $250k per episode.

Now those are some big numbers! Considering how successful the franchise has been it’s no surprise that these kids would be seeing more revenue for their hard work and success!

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Let us know what you think about Millie Bobby Brown making so much money? And who is your favorite from Stranger Things? Comment below! 



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