What Performing At Coachella Did For Beyonce

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ve heard that Beyonce has been killing it down at Coachella. And while Coachella is one of the world’s largest music festivals, it’s no surprise that headline the show would do amazing things for Queen B!

Since, Beyonce’s performance three of her albums have re-entered the Billboard 200. This clearly means, people liked what they heard.


It’s been 730 days since the release of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and since her Coachella performance it is now re-enterered at #91.


And 1,592 days after its release, “BEYONCÉ” re-enters at #138.


And 3,422 days after its release, “I Am… Sasha Fierce” re-enters at #160.



Not too shabby! What did you think of Beyonce’s Coachella performance? Send us your thoughts! 

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