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The Handmaid’s Tale| Season 2. Episode 1 Review “June”

Bone chilling, terrifying and intense. Those are the only words left to describe the return of season two of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

Within the first few minutes, the Handmaid’s are thrown into the face of death. It seems that this first episode is mere torture for the girls. As if they haven’t been through enough already it seems that this season is only going to get worst.

Ofred is pregnant and that is currently saving her from being as tortured as the rest of the girls. And even though she tries to rebel she is automatically frightened into following the rules. But it doesn’t stop cringe worthy moments. There is a horrible scene halfway through the episode, where one of the handmaid’s get’s her hand burned with flames on-top a stove. The screams are awful .

Ofred also has her first doctor’s visit. And we starting to see signs of pain from Ofred that she is going to have to give her baby away.

During her doctor’s visit, she finds a key in her boot that leads her through an underground tunnel that ends up being some sort of way out. Ofred ends up in a moving van that also dubs as a meet freezer.

The Handmaid’s Tale continue to strike fear, as flashbacks of June’s former life and the rise of terrorism continue as they did in the first season. And as June begins the path to try to escape, she has to make some gruesome decisions including cutting part of her ear off so that she cannot be tracked. It is a bloody, suspenseful scene.

So far, I am enjoying the start of this second season. I am wondering if June is really free? And if so, what is going to happen next?

Send us you thoughts on this new season below!


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