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Impact| Review and Results 5.24.18

Impact starts off with a recap of last weeks show.


1. OVE W/Sami Callihan vs Drago & AeroStar Ended in a No Contest

Match starts off hot with Drago doing a corkscrew Tope Con Hiro on OVE followed by AeroStar doing a bombita dive. The pace of the match was then slowed by OVE working over Drago. Then mid match they cut to the back showing Eddie Edwards arriving with a kendo stick ready to go after OVE and Sami Callihan. Eddie then hits the ring and lays out OVE with the Kendo Stick. Eddie then turns his attention to Sami and begins hitting him with the Kendo Stick. Eddie then proceeds to choke Sami with the Kendo Stick until 6 security guards stopped him. During this whole segment Alisha Edwards kept yelling at Eddie ‘that’s it’s over’ between him and Sami. Segment ends with Eddie laying out all 6 securities with the Kendo Stick.


Alisha confronts Eddie about his action even compares him to Sami. Eddie then says this isn’t over until he destroys Sami.

2. Cult of Lee defeated LAX

LAX is out without Konnan again. They haven’t won a match since Konnan was taken out last month. Story of the match was the LAX is lost without Konnan. The Cult of Lee took most of the match as they actually got the better of LAX in the brawl to start the match from there they worked over Ortiz until the hot tag was made to Santana. The finish came when Caleb Conley rolled up Santana for the win.

McKenzie interviews Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong

Jimmy claims that he isn’t a bad guy that he was just trying to teach Grado a lesson for accusing him of being the mystery attacker. Jimmy says Moose is the bad guy for preventing the attack and that Kongo Kong is going to break him into a million little pieces.


Falla Bahh & KM run into Grado and Katarina backstage. KM tells Falla if a fat ass like Grado can get a women like Katarina imagine what Falla can get if he keeps listening to KM. KM then tells Falla to hit her with his best line which was ‘Bahh’. KM then wonders what Katarina sees in Grado. She then nervously says she’s a chubby chaser before correcting herself and calling Grado big boned. Falla Bahh and KM are so great together.

McKenzie interviews Madison Rayne

Madison says that the knockout division was built on respect and that’s why she got involved when Tessa Blanchard was attacking Kiera Hogan. Tessa interrupts her and tells her how dare she sticks her nose in her business. Tessa then says maybe next time she’ll meet her face to face in the ring.

McKenzie interviews Z & E

DJZ says no one thought they would beat Steiner & Drake to win the tag team titles but they proved otherwise. Scott Steiner interrupts and starts mumbling. Steiner then blames Drake for hitting him with a chair that cost them the tag Titles. Both storm off.

3. X Division Title Match: Matt Sydal retained over El Hijo Del Fantasma

Slower paced match that continued the story of Matt Sydal adopting a more mat based offense. Fantasma then countered Sydal’s offense with submissions of his own. The finish came out of nowhere when Sydal hit his new finisher to pick up the win. It wasn’t a bad match it was different than what you would expect from these two.

LAX Clubhouse:

They’re destroying everything until Eddie Kingston shows up. LAX is glad to see ‘King’. Eddie says that Konnan told him he got jump and that Homicide is with him. Eddie then explain the chain of command in LAX which is Konnan Homicide then Eddie. He needs LAX to be hungry again and show what they’re about because the streets are watching them.

Video package hyping Pentagon Jr vs Austin Aries for next week

4. Dezmond Xavier defeated Petey Williams

The winner of the match faces Brian Cage in a number 1 contenders match for the X Division Title . This was a really good match to showcase Dezmond Xavier for next weeks match against Brian Cage. Petey held his own but this match was design and succeeded in making Dezmond Xavier look like a threat. Dezmond wins with his double flip Pele Kick.

Su Yung and Allie video package hyping next weeks match. The Su Yung parts were great the Allie parts involved her acting which isn’t her strong suit.

5. Moose vs Kongo Kongo

Kongo Kong came out looking confused without Jimmy Jacobs. Moose looked awesome and Kongo Kong looked horrible as always. Whenever Kong was on offense it was punches, kicks, and nerve holds. Whoever Kong is in there with he drags them down 100 notches. Moose wins clean with spear in about 10 minutes but felt like an hour.

Show ends with a cut away from the recent mystery attacks and Jimmy Jacobs is shown layed out with the X card on him.

Impact really needs to stop doing these marathon tapings. You can really tell by crowd size and reaction when something was taped on day 4 or 5 instead of day 1 of the tapings. They also need to structure the show a little better so we won’t get 4 straight video packages or interviews with McKenzie. Overall the action ranged from good to really good. The lone exception was Kongo Kong who sticks out like a sore thumb in a really low rent way.

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