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Impact| Review and Results 6.7.18

Tonight Impact takes us to the woods to see the bitter end between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

1. Impact World Tag Team Championship: Z & E retained over Drago & AeroStar

It’s amazing to see a match to start a wrestling show. This was a fun long match. The match started of with chain wrestling and from there it picked up. Both teams showcased their aerial maneuvers. DJZ and Andrew Everett kept up with the luchadores. Andrew Everett hit a 630 for the win.

Video Package:

Showcasing the blood feud between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan.

Backstage Segment:

Sonjay Dutt is accusing Petey Williams of being mystery assailant x. Petey gets pissed so Sonjay sends him home.

Video package:

The rise of Su Yung in the Knockouts Division. She really has a unique character.

LAX Clubhouse:

We see the return of Diamante. Diamante has a lot of questions for her boys and is specifically skeptical of King. She doesn’t trust him and it appears they have a bad history together. Good dynamic between the Diamante and King.

2. LAX defeated The Cult of Lee

The usual good match between these 2 teams. King accompanied LAX to ringside but did not interfere. There was lots of back and forth action between the teams. LAX won with a double team elevated cutter. Their losing streak is over and King is getting the credit.

Eli Drake host the Fact of Life:

Eli is naming his top 5 dummies in Impact Wrestling.

#5. The fans of Impact Wrestling

#4. Austin Aries

#3. Impact Management

#2. The fans of Impact Wrestling

#1. Moose

This led to Moose come out and remind Drake that he lost his tag titles and lost to Pentagon Jr in an Impact World Title match. Drake then jumped Moose until Moose cut him off then Drake hit him with the gravy train to leave him laying. It was announced that next week Eli Drake would face Moose in a #1 contenders match. The winner faces Austin Aries at Slammiversary. I could’ve sworn the announced Moose vs Aries at the Slammiversary press conference. This segment was the best of Eli Drake. He makes corny lines work. He’s a great talker if only his in-ring work matched that Impact would have themselves a game changer.

3. Brian Cage defeated Rohit Raju

Brian Cage hit Weapon X and best Rohit in less than 2 minutes. Matt Sydal comes out and tells Cage he can open Cage’s third eye. Cage is having none of it and hits Sydal with an F5.

Eddie Edwards arrives in the woods and tells the camera guy to film everything even if Sami is dying. Wouldn’t that make the camera guy an accomplice to murder?

Austin Aries via Skype:

This looked so low rent. You could barely see Aries because of the shadow and Josh kept getting cut off. They talked about Moose, Drake and the way Aries won the belt.

Madison Rayne video package:

It’s almost like she’s married to someone who has a say in the tv product.

McKenzie interviews Tessa Blanchard:

Tessa says in life there are winners and losers and she is a winner. Kiera Hogan interrupts her trying to mock her for losing to Madison but ended up getting a beat down from Tessa for her troubles.

Moose is pissed backstage and says that Eli Drake messed up and that next week he will pay.

4. Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan in the Woods ended in a no contest

This was shot a lot like the stuff from the Hardy compound just without all the silliness. Unless you count the fact that the match had no referee so the match could only end when one guy misers the other? They had a brawl with lots of stiff shots in the woods. Some how, some way there was a bull head in the middle of these woods and Eddie started grinding the horn on Sami’s face until he was busted wide open. Just as Sami was about to murder Sami with the horn Eddie’s wife Alicia and Tommy Dreamer arrive to prevent Eddie from murdering Sami. This caused enough of a distraction for Sami to disappear into the night. Eddie was pissed and hit Tommy with a bat in the gut. The show ends and so does the Eddie and Sami feud.

Impact could’ve had a great baby face in Eddie Edwards after the bat incident but instead he’s about to turn heel and is just a unlikeable character and not in a good way. The whole feud was really lack luster but it did elevate Sami into a vile heel role. This ending was anti climatic to say the least but it needed to end. As for the rest of the show we had two really good tag matches and a good Brian Cage squash. They just need to figure out a way not to play so many video packages in a row and no more Skype interviews.

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