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About Those Corey Graves Tweets, I Understand Where CM Punk is Coming From

It's a well known fact that CM Punk is done with professional wrestling. When Punk walked away in 2014, he left the business on bad terms. Much like a bad breakup. Here's why.

CM Punk joining UFC

After Punk left, he went in a new direction. A career switch over to mixed martial arts. He signed a multi-fight deal with UFC and began training with Roufussport gym. Punk made his debut in 2016 against Mickey Gail. Punk lost.  However, it didn’t stop him for wanting more. UFC President Dana White booked him for another fight. This past weekend in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, he opened up the main card against Mike Jackson. Punk survived all three rounds, mostly due to Jackson’s reluctance to pull the trigger and finish the fight. CM Punk lost again.

Punk sold out

While Punk’s in the octagon, living out his dream, the wrestling world had a huge reaction to their former brethren being in UFC. Most notably, WWE commentator Corey Graves. Graves tweeted a Saturday evening after Punk’s 3-round bang-up. The tattooed Raw commentator accused Punk of ditching his friends and selling out. Here are the tweets:

Here’s the explanation

Fightful interviewed Graves after his Twitter tirade.

“Well, to be honest, I’d never heard or been given that ultimatum,” said Graves.

“It kinda shocked me when I texted him about grabbing dinner because we were in Chicago and he told me he no longer had any interest in being friends with me or anybody related to WWE.

“I respected his drive, and him doing his own thing,” said Graves. “He sent me the text shortly before his first fight.

“Part of me just thought he was in a zone and I didn’t take offense.

“I texted him the day of his first fight something along the lines of “I know life is nuts, I still love you good luck”

“What really set me off was this week when he essentially disowned the business that made him,” Graves said.

“My only issue with him was that he turned off people that actually loved and supported him.

“Beyond “the business” and he never wanted anything to do with us…yet continued to present himself as this “Punk” hero.

“Dude, this has ZERO to do with court, or testimony or any of the above. Nothing that I tweeted was corporate,” said Graves.

“I’m simply hurt/pissed off that a guy that I looked like as a big brother-type has turned his back on me and everyone that loved and supported him only because of the name on my paycheck.

“I’m definitely not the only one. I won’t name names, but there is a large group of us to this day that inexplicably lost a solid friend because of where we work.”

My Thoughts on the matter

I compared Punk leaving WWE to a breakup. CM Punk and his jilted lover, wrestling. Everyone knows that once you end a relationship – romantic relationship or not – there’s a time period where the two souls need to mourn by themselves. This means cutting ties from anyone, anything or any place that reminds them of their ex. In this case, Punk needed to mourn. This means Punk needs to cut ties from anything associated  with his former love of his life. Cutting communication with pals, not watching their television or pay-per-views, not speaking of it at all. All part of the process.

Sure, Punk shouldn’t have texted such a final sounding response to Graves, basically stating they’ll never be friends again. Or be friends with anyone that works for WWE. I think that was a bit too dramatic. I’m sure he will reconnect with his old mates. They just need to give him time, and be understanding on what he’s going through. It’s a gilded. lover type of thing. Time heals all. Note if the court battle didn’t happen, Punk might have already been reconnecting with old friends, however, the trail brought back hurt feelings and it feels like he’s breaking-up all over again. He needs to start the process over. It’ll take time. Don’t worry, Graves. Your friend will text you back in time. You will have that dinner in Chicago with him. Just give him the space he needs.


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