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Impact Review and Results 6.21.18

Impact starts of with a graphic honoring the late great Leon “Vader” White. We then a recap of last weeks episode.

1. Impact World Tag Team Championship: LAX W/King defeated Z & E to become 3 time Impact Tag Team Champions

This was an incredible match. The best match on Impact in months maybe even years. There was never a dull moment Z & E did incredible dives and moves off the top rope. It was sad to see them lose the tag titles but LAX are an amazing team and probably the most underrated in all of wrestling. LAX won via street sweeper.

Backstage promo:

Jimmy Jacobs talked about that for months Brian Cage walked around like he owned the place and that didn’t sit well with him. Jimmy said that he’s a princess and he always gets what he wants. He wanted to show the world that the machine isn’t unbeatable and that he has a weakness. The monster Kongo Kong will show that. Poor Brian Cage having to wrestle Kong.

KM in ring promo:

KM cut a promo on Falla Bahh basically called him a loser. KM put himself over and said that ratings spike when he’s on. This brought out Bahh with a note that he handed to KM. Falla Bahh writes like a child but KM’s delivery made this enjoyable. The gist of the letter was Bahh calling KM a bully and that he wouldn’t wrestle him tonight but if he accepted to wrestle Bahh’s replacement. KM agreed thinking it would be Richard Justice but it was Scott Steiner instead. I demand we get Scott Steiner and Falla Bahh training videos!

2. Scott Steiner defeated KM

This match was bad but with that being said KM got a better match out of Steiner than Eli Drake. The match was short and it was sad seeing Steiner look old and slow. Steiner won via Steiner Recliner then took a victory lap high fiving all the fans at ringside.

Slammiversary Press Conference:

This took place a few weeks ago from the Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto. Moose spoke about the great opportunity to challenge for the World Title he had. Austin Aries then ran him down and said that Moose was referred to as a former NFL player because that’s all he had on his resume. Aries then ran down his list of accomplishments. He said that he’s a former 6 time X-Division Champion, former Tag Team Champion and the current Impact World Champion. He then said he’d been doing this for 18 years and that this wasn’t his second career after he failed his first career. That was a shot at Moose and a great way to end the segment.

Wacky Eddie Edwards video:

Eddie Edwards is locked out of his own home. Apparently Alisha kicked him out or so we thought. He then kicked the door down which isn’t going to help his cause. Once he walked in we see an empty house so Alisha moved out and took all the furniture. Eddie then looks in the mirror and sees a reflection of Sami Callahan. Here we thought Impact was done copying WCW. So essentially Eddie Edwards has gone crazy. So crazy that he thinks that Tommy Dreamer is romantically involved with Alisha. This was silly and even had bad horror movie music in the background.They’re really trying to kill Eddie’s career with this.

OVE Cam:

Sami is pissed that Pentagon Jr stuck his mask were it didn’t belong last week.

3. Madison Rayne defeated Taya Valkyrie

How much pull does Josh Matthews have that he got his wife to defeat two of the best knockouts that they have? She isn’t bad but she nothing spectacular compare to Tessa or Taya. The match was just there. Taya looked awesome and Madison looked slightly above Allie. Madison won via the Cross Rayne. Su Yung was watching from the rafters. I had no idea the Impact Zone had rafters. Post match Madison cuts promo saying that Impact management aka Josh Matthews told her that if she beat Taya she would challenge for the Knockouts Title at Slammiversary. Su Yung interrupts her with spooky laughter.

LAX Clubhouse:

They’re celebrating their tag title win. King said that he wanted to take selfies like a white girl. King has a pop socket. His street cred is gone. Konnan makes his return and in a serious tone tells King that they need to talk. It’s probably about that pop socket. Konnan is suspicious of King and ask were Homicide is at. King tells him he’s back in Brooklyn taking care of some business. In short Konnan tells King that if he finds out that King had anything to do with Konnan being taken out that King would pay. I’m surprised Konnan doesn’t take King out for having a pop socket.

Killer Kross video package:

Killer Kross is a hitman and cut a very stoic promo. He told everyone to take caution. This promo was awesome.

4. Pentagon Jr & El Hijo Del Fantasma defeated OVE

This was a good match that the crowd was really into. Pentagon Jr has so much charisma that even tourist at the Impact Zone cant help but chant Cero Miedo. Early on the luchadors had control of the match until Sami hit Fantasma with a bat on the knee. From there OVE worked over Fantasma until Pentagon Jr got the hot tag and hit the Penta Driver for the win. Post match Sami goes to attack Pentagon but Pentagon is able to low blow Sami but OVE still had the numbers advantage and regain control. Sami hit Pentagon with a bat and then ripped his mask. Fanstasma then made the save with a steel chair.

The opening tag match is well worth your time to go see. Impact finally feels like an alternative product by blending in all the different parts that they have. I wish this would’ve happen when they were on Spike but we cant change the past.  Slammiversary is starting to take shape and looks like an interesting card is taking shape.

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