New Action-Series BREAKARATE Trailer Released

“Breakarate” is an 8-episode action series that will premiere on Tuesday, June 26th at 6:00 p.m. MT at SeriesFest in Denver, CO. Created by Zak Stoltz, Clayton Baird and Patrick Cox, Breakarate highlights a new dance-infused style of fighting with a 1980s flare.



Breakarate is a colorful story with heart that is equal parts totally exciting and totally ridiculous. The series is directed by up and coming filmmaker Zak Stoltz.

Synopsis: Adopted brothers Blake and Lance Thompson have been training in the ancient art of ‘Breakarate’ since long before they discovered their destiny to save the world. When they stumble across the hidden Chain of Beats in the basement of The Rec, they find themselves in the middle of a war. If the Medallion of Dopeness is joined with the Chain of Beats, it will unleash a power capable of destroying the world. Blake and Lance must work together to defeat a legion of Evil Butthead dance clans led by the villainous Neon Ninja and her Punkung-Fu army to keep the Chain of Beats safe… all the while looking fly as heck while doing it. Creators: Zak Stoltz, Clayton Baird & Patrick Cox; Director: Zak Stoltz; Executive Producers: Zac Locke, Adam Hendricks; Producers: Ryland Aldrich & David Harris; Writers: Clayton Baird & Patrick Cox; Cast: Trevor Logan, Brian Siregar, Miah Blake,  Gichi Gamba, Nikki Tuazon, & Lily Rose Silver USA, 50m

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