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Impact| Review and Results 6.28.18

Impact comes to us from St Clair College. They made it look like the Impact Zone. I don’t know why they did that.

Madison Rayne in ring promo:

Madison Rayne came out to cut the same vanilla promo as last week. She said she only came back to be an announcer but things happen and now she’s challenging Su Yung for the Knockouts Title. She said that last week Su Yung spooked her but she needed to be brave because she told her daughter that monsters aren’t real. Tessa Blanchard interrupted and was 10 times the star Madison was. Tessa said she’s the best but Madison reminded her she beat her. So Madison made Tessa look like a geek. Promo ends with Su Yung laughing over the pa speakers and Tessa laying out Madison. Madison really brings out the worse in people.

1. Rich Swann defeated Trevor Lee

Rich Swann has a new Minoru Suzuki inspired hair style. This was a great match much better than anything Swann did on 205 Live. This was a showcase for Swann and he took full advantage of it. Swann did several dives, looked crisped and finished Lee with a 2nd rope Phoenix Splash.

Footage from PCW Ultra:

Sami Callihan unmasked a defenseless Pentagon Jr with help from OVE.

Backstage promo:

Grado is sitting down as Katarina sneaks up from behind to hug him and inform him that she’s wrestling next week. Grado is shocked that a pretty girl would want to wrestle. Katarina reminds Grado about her previous persona Winter. Apparently Grado didn’t watch the Hogan and Bischoff era of Impact.

2. Desi Hit Squad defeated Z & E

Z & E went from tag team champions to losing to these two guys. The match was ok only because Z & E are spectacular but them losing to the Desi Hit Squad is mind boggling. Rohit Raju isn’t bad at all but Gursinder Singh is fresh out of wrestling school bad. He just looked like a giant stiff out there. Desi Hit Squad picked up the win when the legendary Gama Singh distracted the referee which allowed Rohit to pick up the win.

Pentagon video:

Pentagon cut a promo in Spanish challenging Sami Callihan to a hair vs mask match at Slammiversary. Even in Spanish Pentagon shows so much charisma.

Moose video:

This was a great video presenting Moose as a guy who gave up football for the thing he loved which is wrestling. The video showed pictures of Moose growing up, in high school, college, and the NFL. This was really well put.

House of Hardcore:

Eddie Edwards invaded a recent House of Hardcore event and he attacked Tommy Dreamer. Eddie busted Tommy open and no one cared. It’s to a point that nothing Eddie does involving Dreamer, Sami, or his wife will get a reaction. It’s done the people are tired of it time to move on.

LAX Clubhouse:

The tension between Konnan and King continued. Santana and Ortiz were a bit confused but it looked like they trusted Konnan.

3. Matt Sydal defeated Dezmond Xavier

This was a real good match and again Matt Sydal went for a more methodical approach which really adds a depth to his character. Dezmond was impressive as always and the crowd was really behind him. Matt Sydal won after pushing the referee into the ropes which made Dezmond crotch himself he then hit the Chemical Imbalance II for the win. Post match saw Brian Cage come out looking to gain som revenge for his count out lost. Unfortunately Kongo Kong came out to help Matt Sydal. I’m not the biggest Kongo Kong fan but he nailed Brian Cage with an awesome top rope splash to leave him laying.

OVE Cam:

Sami accepts Pentagon’s challenge. He then calls Pentagon a phony and after his unmasks him he will hang his head in shame. This was an awesome promo and Sami benefited greatly from the Eddie Edwards feud and getting away from Tommy Dreamer.

New Girl interviews Austin Aries:

McKenzie didn’t make the trip to Canada. So the new girl as Aries referred to her as interviewed him. Aries was mocking Moose’s life story and said that unlike Moose he didn’t fail in his first career.

4. Madison Rayne defeated Tessa Blanchard

Remember when Madison remind us all how she beat Tessa and made her look like a geek in the first segment? Well just in case you forgot she beat her again. Tessa took most of the match and her offense looked crisp. The crowd was really into Tessa so naturally the beat her. Post match Tessa beats down Madison to get her heat back, why bother she’s lost whatever momentum she had. Su Yung and the undead brides make their way to the ring and surround Madison until Allie makes her return to save Madison.

It was so great watching Impact in front of a lively crowd. The place wasn’t big but it made more noise than the Impact Zone has made in years. Rich Swann looked amazing tonight and Matt Sydal is hitting a groove as X-Division champion both inside the ring and with his character. I’ll say it again why are they giving Madison Rayne the Roman Reigns push is beyond me considering Tessa is so much better. Having Gursinder Singh winning a match over former tag team champions is also mind boggling.

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