Go See The First Purge – Spoiler Alerts & Review

The First Purge hits theaters tomorrow and it’s surely one for your Summer Must Watch list.  It stars Lex Scott Davis and Jovian Wade as Nya & Isaiah, a brother and sister duo like you’ve never seen before.  They along with the assist from Dmitri played by Y’Lan Noel, defend themselves, their close friends, and their ghetto apartment complex against a militia.  The last installment in the franchise, this storyline is a prequel to the first movie.  The previous flick and the most successful within the franchise was The Purge: Election Year.  Here’s the film’s synopsis: The purge is put in place as an experiment to get the crime rates in the US down to 1% using a social theory that the citizens of the country would “take care of the dirty business”.  The testing zone: Staten Island NYC.



Marisa Tomei plays the psychoanalyst-architect whose a nervous wreck throughout the entire film as it was her big idea that ended up being infiltrated by the NFFA (New Founding Fathers of America).  She is seen trying to undo everything she has said about the data she received and the promotion she put behind the success of this Purge in the very last moments of her life.  Needless to say, the damage had already been doomed.  In the opening scene, Nya is heading up an anti-Purge protest.  She is standing in front of an NYPD patrol car.  She is confronted by her ex and huge neighborhood drug boss Dmitri.  They exchange a disheartened look at one another.  They walk on different sides of the tracks but you can see they have a deep connection.  Nya almost kills Dmitri when she learns that her bro has been working on his one of corners.


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The real world element of this movie drives home the Purge points as we are in the midst of multiple anti-American notions such as the removal of DACA and building a wall along the Mexican border.  Americans are feeling the real-life pressure of a White House Administration that seeks to run after its own agenda.  Just as the US government portrayed in the film.  Every moment the characters run for their lives in a setting that seems inhumane, you get a small window into what could be.  Things like Marshall law.  Ringing a bell? It should be.

The NFFA targeted low economic communities and when the street cameras didn’t pick up the type of killings and rampage they had intended they went for Plan B.  The action element is very clear from the Michael Bay et al inclusion on the production.  It is a face paced social horror that will leave you thinking just a tad bit deeper about everything that is going on around us.

The film’s soundtrack is also a pretty good mix for you to rock out too as well.


Spoiler – Rapper Desiigner makes yet another Cameo!


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