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Impact| Review and Results 7.5.18

1. Fenix defeated Rich Swann

This match was fantastic. The crowd was absolutely electric for this and both guys delivered. The first part of the match was both guys matching and countering each other in the most amazing way possible. Each guy has a chance to shine Fenix hit an amazing dive over the top rope. Rich Swann hit a middle rope 450 for a near fall. Impact has done more to showcase Rich Swann in 2 weeks than WWE did in a full year. The finish was Fenix hitting a spinning muscle buster driver to pick up the win.

Post match:

OVE come down to attack Fenix but “Pentagon” came out to help his brother or so we thought. Once the ring was cleared “Pentagon” turned on his brother and hit the Pentagon Driver. The crowd bought this as turn only for “Pentagon” to take his mask off an reveal himself as Sami Callihan. This was great the crowd bought Sami as Pentagon. The 3 on 1 beating continued until the real Pentagon came out and cleared the ring. He then did a flip dive onto OVE. Pentagon got on the mic and yelled Cero Miedo. The match and segment was so well done.

Backstage Segment:

KM apologized to Falla Bahh and wants to be friends again.

2. Killer Cross defeated Falla Bahh

This was a squash match to make Cross look like a star and it did. Falla Bahh got a few shots in but most of the match was taken by Cross who showed impressive power moves. The finish was a rear naked choke by Cross that made Bahh pass out.

Post match:

Cross continued his assault on Bahh until KM stepped in only to suffer the same fate. Petey Williams came out with a chair and hit Cross twice which he no sold. Petey finally threw the chair at Cross which made him bail. This was great Cross came across as a monster.

Alicia interviews Allie and Madison:

Somehow Madison is even more generic than Allie. Nothing much said Madison is a bad babyface she’s better off playing the Queen. Allie made weird faces and talked about going to a dark place.

Alicia interviewed Jimmy Jacobs:

Jimmy doesn’t like Brian Cage because he’s a liar. Jimmy said Cage isn’t a machine but just a man who lost his cool when his monster cost him the X-Division title. The interview ends with Kong sniffing Alicia’s hair.

Backstage Segment:

Desi Hit Squad are thrilled with their victory from last week. Gamma Singh isn’t and slaps Gursinder and Rohit. He then tells them they’re gonna make India proud.

3. Allie and Madison Rayne defeated Su Yung and the Dead Maid of Honor

This was a nothing match the dead maid of honor was wrestling like a walker from the Walking Dead. It hindered the match the crowd doesn’t care for Madison and cared only a little for Allie. In the middle of the match Tessa comes out while the ref is down attacks Madison. They need to get Tessa away from her with each week Tessa becomes a bigger geeks. Allie clears the ring of Tessa and then Madison magically recovers to pin the dead maid of honor.

LAX Clubhouse:

King is telling Ortiz and Santana that Konnan is jealous and that he has no proof that King ordered a hit on him. Ortiz and Santana looked conflicted. It seemed that they didn’t want to pick sides.

Gamma Singh has the Desi Hit Squad training in the rain.

OVE Cam:

Sami and OVE challenge Pentagon, Fenix and Rich Swann to a 6 man tag next week.

Austin Aries video:

Aries talked about wrestling being his destiny not his dream. He feels Moose has been handed everything because he’s a former athlete. Aries said he’s had to fight claw for everything. He finished by saying that if the XFL needs shitty offensive linemen then Moose can go play there. I popped for that.

LAX Clubhouse:

Konnan is on the phone and he said that he’s gonna expose King for the hoe that he is.

Tommy Dreamer promo:

Tommy cut an ECW style promo on Eddie called him crazy.

4. Katarina defeated Rebel

Nothing match Katarina won.

Backstage Segment:

Grado is celebrating Katarina’s with her as Joe Hendry approaches and starts singing to them. Grado looks a bit cautious of him but Katarina tells him they go way back so they give each other a group hug. Poor Joe Hendry being stuck with Grado.

5. Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong

This was so great. The best Kongo Kong has ever looked. The match was nothing but power moves. Brian Cage tossed Kong around and Kong sold and bump for him like crazy. Brian Cage won with an F5 on Kong.

Konnan exposes King:

Konnan came out by himself while King came out with Santana and Ortiz. Konnan basically grilled King until King cracked and admitted he put the hit on him. King then made Ortiz and Santana pick a side. They did when they gave King the finger. Konnan then said King failed but as he was getting in King’s face Homicide and Hernandez attacked LAX and Konnan. They laid them out. So we have New LAX vs OG LAX. It’s like the street version of The Midnight Express vs The Midnight Express feud.

This show was was so easy and fun to watch. The build towards Slammiversary is starting to take shape. It helps so much that they’re in front of a real crowd and not random tourist that make zero noise. Go out of your way to see Fenix vs Swann and Cage vs Kong.

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