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Meet Tayla Parx, The Songwriter Who Could Became The Hitmaker Who Did

“I remember you, you’re Tracy Turnblatt, good for you girl you got on the show….” was the last line you probably heard from then 11 year old actress Taylor Parks in the the feature film Hairspray. She played Lil Inez, daughter of Queen Latifah’s character and sister to Elijah Kelly’s. Not exactly lil shoes to fill. Nonetheless, Taylor, as most child actors struggled to get the industry in her pocket. They weren’t believers. I came across her story via Billboard. Success stories help us see how we fit into new spaces. Taylor swapped her first name to Tayla and last name from Parks to Parx. It’s a swag upgrade to say the least.

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Parx has some impressive creds under her belt that includes Christina Aguilera’s lead single Accelerate off her expected revenge album and Janelle Monae’s latest masterpiece Dirty Computer. Parx has no shame or lack of pride in her work ethics as well. She bluntly told Billboard “You have a lot of songwriters who are artists who give away their talent,” and further more “The art of songwriting is to be able to remove yourself completely from your own thoughts and emotions and really try to tap into somebody else’s.” Word!

She is a crossover writer. She has landed credits with K-Pop artists noteably BTS as well as American Top 40 artists. She is now coming off the single Love Lies featuring Fifth Harmony’s Normani and Khalid who Rick Ross just did a remix too. Parx is a real life Hollywood dream story come true. I find it weird when certain creative people get stuck after having such major career highs but it is within these type of stories that we find inspiration. She is currently working with Atlantic to conceptualize her own label aptly called ‘Tayla Made’. We can expect new music from her coming this September entitled We Need to Talk.

We will keep a close eye on her, we feel like something huge is on her horizon.

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