New Animated Film “Luis and the Aliens” Starring Lea Thompson and Will Forte Trailer Released!


A new animated film, about a 12 year old boy named Luis who has been obsessed with proving that aliens do exist his entire life ends up discovering the surprise of a lifetime!    Three awkward little aliens (Mog, Nag and Wabo) crash-land right in front of Luis one day and that is when a wild adventure unfolds for Luis.  Luis and his Friends from Outer Space try to reach the huge mothership, to bring the aliens home. And maybe just maybe Luis will leave with them?

The new animated adventure features the voices of   Will Forte (“The Last Man on Earth”), Lea Thompson (“Little Women”), Franciska Friede (“Spy Kids: Mission Critical”), Orlando Leyba (“Uproarious”), and Joey Guila (“The Nutshack”).



DIRECTED BY:                                 Christoph Lauenstein, and Wolfgang Lauenstein (“Balance” won an Oscar® for best animated shortfilm) and Sean McCormack

WRITTEN BY:                                   Wolfgang Lauenstein, and Christoph Lauenstein (Screenplay), Joe Vitale (Screenplay Revisions) and Jeffrey Hylton (Screenplay Punch Up)

PRODUCED BY:                                Jana Bohl (Producer/Studio Manager), Emely Christians (Producer), Viola Lütten (Line Producer), Jean-Marie Musique (Producer) and Christine Parisse (Producer)

RELEASE DATE:   Available on DIRECTV July 19

                                   In select theaters and OnDemand August 17

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