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Impact| Review and Results 7.19.18

It’s the go home show for Slammiversary!

1.Killer Kross defeated Petey Williams

Petey was destroyed by Killer Kross. Petey got some offense in but it was mostly Killer Kross allowing him to get offense in. Killer Kross has some potential as a methodical monster.

Joe Hendry photoshoot:

The continued the story of Grado being jealous of Joe and Katarina.

2.The Desi Hit Squad defeated KM & Falla Bahh

I was expecting the worse from this and I was wrong. Considering who was in the ring this match was a decent tag match. Falla Bahh and KM make a fun team. It was a basic tag match but perfectly exceptable. Gamma Singh distracted the ref which allowed The Desi Hit Squad to roll up Falla Bahh to pick up the win.

LAX vs OGZ hype video:

Great video showing the history of LAX and the OGZ with Konnan narrating.

3.Joe Hendry defeated Eli Drake

For those who don’t know Joe Hendry sings his own theme and it’s great. Prior to the match Hendry sang a song spoofing Eli Drake and his YouTube channel where he does sketch comedy. This was so awesome. Joe Hendry is going to be a star. As for the match it was a good back and forth contest with both guys showing their strengths. Joe Hendry won after rolling up Eli trying to attempt the Gravy Train.

4.Dezmond Xavier vs Andrew Everett

The match never takes place Eddie Edwards comes out and chased both guys of with a Singapore Cane. Eddie then hits the refs and begins to cut a nonsensical about Tommy Dreamer. Impact really blew it with Eddie they could’ve had a great baby face coming out of the Sami incident instead Eddie’s character has go away heat. In short Eddie said he’s gonna make Tommy bleed.

Madison Rayne in a Horror Movie:

So Madison wakes up in a Su Yung horror movie proceeds to do some bad acting. Basically Su Yung is haunting Madison. Madison sees herself in a coffin and sees zombies. The message that Su was sending is that her time has come.

Recap of Sami Callihan vs Pentagon feud

5.Sami Callihan defeated Greg Osborne

Complete squash Sami put Pentagon’s mask on Greg Osborne and beat him with it on. Sami won with a shoulder breaker. Post match Pentagon cut a promo in Spanish. Pentagon said he’s never going to forgive Sami for messing with his mask.

Allie promo:

Allie said that Tessa learned nothing from her grandfather and father. That Tessa is selfish and Allie doesn’t like that.

6.Allie & Kiera defeated Shotzi Blackheart & Tessa Blanchard

Really good match and it shows that Impact has done a great job at rebuilding the Knockouts division. Both Kiera and Shotzi are really unique and solid in the ring. Tessa is a star and Allie has improved since dropping the bunny gimmick. Tessa walked out on Shotzi which allowed Allie to hit the codebreaker for the win.

Johnny Impact promo:

He hyped the 4 way match at Slammiversary which should be amazing.

Moose in ring promo:

Moose is focused on Austin Aries and is going to make him pay for what he did to DeAngelo Williams. Moose calls out Aries but instead Aries appears on the screen. He tells Moose that he’s not just a step ahead of him but while Moose is playing checkers Moose is playing chess. He then tells Moose to grow eyes in the back of his head. This was all a distraction for Aries to sneak from behind to low blow Moose and hit him with a chair. Aries poses with the belt which allows Moose to recover and grab Aries by the throat fling him into the corner but before Moose can do anymore damage Aries bails. The final scene before Slammiversary is Moose standing tall in the ring.

Another great episode of Impact. These Ontario tapings were some of their best work in a long time. They’ve built Slammiversary up so well with several matches that can steal the show.

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