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Impact |Review and Results 7.26.18

The post Slammiversary edition of Impact starts with a highlight video of Slammiversary. If you missed it you missed a great ppv.

Austin Aries in ring promo:

Austin Aries called himself the best and challenged anyone from any promotion to come to Impact Wrestling to prove themselves against him. This brought out Eddie Edwards who laid out Aries with the Kendo Stick given to him by Tommy Dreamer.

1. Taiji Ishimori defeated Petey Williams

This was a great long match between these two. They had great chemistry and the match was all action. Petey Williams is really underrated and Taiji Ishimori always brings in Impact Wrestling. Taiji Ishimori won with an impaler DDT onto his knee. Post match Petey and Taiji shake hands this allows Desi Hit Squad to hit the ring and leave both men laying.

Alicia interviews Anthony Carelli(Santino Marella)

Anthony is excited to be in Impact he’d love to step in the ring but he isn’t medically cleared but he’s living vicariously through his best student Dustin Cameron. Austin Aries interrupts and makes Carelli introduce himself. Aries says he’s having a bad day but would like Carelli to step in the ring with him, Carelli reiterates he isn’t medically cleared. So Aries tells Cameron to step up and the kid eagerly agrees to face Aries. It was weird to hear the former Santino Marella talk in his normal voice.

2. Tessa Blanchard defeated Rebel

This was a good quick match. Rebel has improved so much and hung in there with Tessa but this was a Tessa showcase. Tessa wrestled like no other female in wrestling and that’s what makes most of her matches worth while to watch. Tessa won with a hammerlock DDT.

Alicia interviews Scarlett Bordeaux

Scarlet what’s to be remembered as a women’s activist. Someone who inspires little girls. Alicia interrupts by saying like Susan B Anthony. Scarlett scoffs at her and says no like Marylin Monroe or Cardi B. Scarlett will not be hot shamed she then called Alicia a 5 and told her a 10 is talking to get away from her and go sit in the audience where she belongs. Scarlett said she is here to make Wrestling sexy again.

Matt Sydal interview:

Matt Sydal lost a piece of hardware but his status remains in his 3rd eye. That Brian Cage is silly for thinking this world is mechanical. He said that nature will make things right and he will become 2 time z division champion tonight.

Pentagon Jr promo:

He said that Sami is bragging that he ripped his mask and made him bleed. He admitted that Sami took him to his limit but he has Sami’s hair, his mask, and he has Zero Miedo

3. Johnny Impact defeated Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee is the most talented jobber in the history of wrestling. This was another good match. They went back and forth with each other. Both guys got a chance to shine. Trevor Lee is so talented and really deserves a storyline instead of being a jobber to the stars. Johnny Impact won with the Starship Pain. Post match Impact cuts a promo he said he loves being back and his goal is to become Impact World Champion. First though he gonna take care of unfinished business with Kongo Kong. I wish he would forget about Kongo Kong.

Alicia interviewed Allie:

Allie is sad that she wasn’t there to save Madison from being stuffed in a casket. She promised she would stop Su Yung. Kiera Hogan interrupted and told Allie she would help her go after Su.

Backstage Segment:

Joe Hendry have Grado a shirt he seemed thrilled. Eli interrupted and wanted to bury the hatchet so he gave them a gift for all three. It was a picture of Joe Hendry and Katarina smiling at each other. Grado got depressed so Joe promised to throw the picture away.

Backstage Segment:

KM tells Falla Bahh needs to findhid mean streak in order to be successful.

Killer Kross Promo:

Killer Kross described himself as an artist he answers to no one. He only answers to the call.

LAX Clubhouse:

It’s been invaded by the OGz. King expected more from the kids in LAX he’s disappointed Konnan didn’t teach them that if they won the battle it didn’t matter because they didn’t win the war.

OVE Cam:

OVE beat some guy up for staring at Sami’s shave head. They then shave the guys head.

4. Brian Cage defeated Matt Sydal to retain the X Division Championship

This match was better than their match at Slammiversary. Sydal worked over Cage’s knee but before he knew it Cage was hitting him with a German Suplex, Hurracarana, and 619. Brian Cage is such a freak of nature. Cage finished off Sydal with a Drill Claw.

Impact is starting to really hit a stride with their in ring product. I feel they finally found a roster that can deliver in the ring after a few months of a revolving door they have a core of guys that each bring something unique to the table. The knockouts also have great fresh faces like Su Yung, Tessa Blanchard, and Scarlett Bordeaux. Impact Wrestling finally feels different.

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