World Armwrestling League Hosts Exciting Show In LA! {Results + Experience}

The World Armwrestling League hosted their first big LIVE event in Los Angeles this Thursday. The show was broadcasted live by Bleacher Report out of The Novo in L.A Live. For many people including myself this was the first time we were able to witness the competition.

The Supermatch Showdown Series featured 6 matches, each match was a best out of five series with the winner taking home loads of cash.  We’re talking dozens of hundred-dollar bills.


The Novo has hosted many award shows, concerts and even live wrestling shows; it was a great space to have WAL’s event. The floor space was intimate enough for everyone to get a nice up close view of the arm wrestlers. The stage area including the broadcasting team and an entrance. It was a great setup and the crowd was into every battle all the way through.

Justin Roberts, former WWE ring annoucer was the announcer for the night and stating the obvious he did great. One of the cool additions WAL did was include the audience into the show. They had two additional arm wrestling match with people from the crowd, a men’s match and a women’s match; which was very entertaining to watch. They also had pose down; where two members of the audience do their best arm wrestling pose.  Overall, the crowd interaction was a great addition to the live feel.

A few celebrities even came out to support the show and made a cameo during the live broadcast including; MMA legends Randy Couture and Chuck Liddell, Extra’s Mario Lopez, Page Kennedy of the new shark film The Meg.


Justin Bishop def. Glenn Bengtsson — This was what seemed like a very easy win for Justin, he easily defeated Glenn taking the first three victories.

Mike Ayello def. Ian Carnegie – Even though Ian has about a hundred pounds over Mike, he was unable to take this win.


Mike Selearis def. Alan Guerra– Even though Selearis won the first three rounds, Guerra didn’t go down easy and made Selearis fight for it. This was probably one of the most entertaining of the night. As an added bonus Selearis’ family was in the crowd and were cheering loudly and proudly for their dad. It was an endearing moment when he took his victory and lifted his daughters up in the air.

Tatiane Faria def. Erica Bengtsson- The only women’s match of the night with two very different and strong performers. Unfortunately, Erica’s strong aggression wasn’t enough to take the win from Brazil’s Tatiane.


Michael Todd def. Marcio Barboza – This one was one of the toughest to call, both guys seemed evenly matched and could have been anyone’s win but Todd remained victorious.


Main Event: Devon Larratt def. Matt Mask – This match was very different from all the other matches. In all the other matches each guy really carried themselves and behaved like was a competition. In this match, it seemed more “showy,” as if both guys were trying to get a character over instead. In the end, Devon retained his yearly win.



Overall, the World Armwrestling League proved to be an exciting night whether you were a newb at the sport or a fan of the sport everyone in the crowd enjoyed themselves. I think this would be a fun event to attend if WAL is ever in your city.

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Learn more about WAL here

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