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Edwin Arreola, A Soccer Star takes the “Love of the Game” to a New-Level as a Successful Restaurant Partner

When you think of soccer, you think strategy, athleticism, competitiveness, teamwork, and respect. The key ingredients to running a successful restaurant are teamwork, high-energy, staying focused amidst outside forces breaking your concentration, exceeding goals, and healthy competition. Edwin Arreola, Partner with the Francesca Restaurant Group, has taken his passion and competitive nature from the game of soccer to build powerful teams, develop “forward-thinking” management staff, and launch successful restaurants from Chicago to San Diego.

Edwin Arreola grew up in Hoffman Estates, IL. He had a great supportive family. His mom took care of him and his siblings 24/7 while his Dad worked 6 days a week. Soccer was a huge part of Edwin’s childhood. He played soccer since he was 4 and traveled across the US. Soccer taught him about respect and teamwork. Being a professional Soccer Player was always a dream of his. In his mid- 20’s he was playing at a top-level. He achieved success and took his hardworking, energetic, and love for people to launch a promotions company in Chicago. His focus was the nightlife industry. Not an easy
endeavor, but with a strong staff and the right training, Edwin built a great brand. His mantra was, “Go above and beyond for your guests.”

His love for hospitality led him and his friend from soccer to partner and open two bars and lounge in the early 2000’s. His first solo restaurant was in 2010 in Madison, WI. He worked alongside and received mentoring from Chris Elsey, Massimo Salatino, and Scott Harris. “Working with these guys, gave me the boost and motivation to be at the top,” says Arreola.


A few years later, he became a “Partner” with the well-known Francesca Restaurant Group. Who is Francesca? “Francesca is hands-down one of the sweetest most caring ladies you will ever meet,” says Arreola. “I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with her through my 12-years of being with the company. She has an eye for detail that you learn from, which I appreciate.” With Edwin Arreola’s direction, every restaurant is unique, but the heart beats the same thanks to the love of Francesca. “We are a big happy family,” says, Arreola. Being a Partner in the Francesca Restaurant Group takes patience, sweat, and dedication. It involves analyzing systems efficiency, negotiating vendor pricing and contracts, while making swift decisions. One of Francesca Restaurant Groups successful restaurants is a gem in the heart of Little Italy. Davanti Enoteca’s ambiance, high-energy staff, and delicious authentic Italian dishes are true bliss. You will notice a family-environment and a strong team when you walk through the door. Why is Davanti’s Enoteca the popular Happy Hour spot in San Diego? From the Focaccia Di Recco flatbread with soft cow cheese topped with a honeycomb to the splendid wine selection and friendly environment-it is clear why it is the “Hot Spot” of San Diego. “Cheers” is exactly the answer to why Davanti Enoteca is that neighborhood place,” says Arreola. “We create friendships with our guests on a personal level and that makes Davanti Enoteca feel like home. I would say that 90% of our clientele come in to enjoy the focaccia is. It is very addicting.” “Our most popular dishes include Parpadelle
Bolognese, Davanti Burger, our Brick Oven Pizza, and Pollo Lemoncello.”

For over 25-years, Edwin Arreola’s special bond with Scott Harris and other Partners of the Francesca’s Group have taken all the ingredients of what it means to be “AUTHENTIC” Now, that’s AMORE!


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