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11 Days Post Queen Release, Here’s 11 Facts About Nicki Minaj’s Current Situations

  1. Future is no longer on tour with her which was highly hyped up prior to the Album release.  The press release states scheduling conflicts.  We are no touring managers but isn’t availability the main thing being negotiated when deciding who will be on stage? This is a statement from a Live Nation’s rep regarding the sales of the tour thus far: “Nicki’s tour could be the most disappointing ticket sales of the year for any artist. These are big arenas with up to 20,000 capacities. Sales for opening night in Baltimore is 2,000 tickets. LA is 3,400, New Orleans 1,000, Denver 1,300, Chicago 3,900. Even her hometown Brooklyn is only 5,050.” (Page Six)nicki_minaj_spotify_getty_ringer.0
  2. When her album dropped on all streaming platforms around 9am EST on Aug. 10th, Minaj had 19 tracks, including a fan fave ‘Inspirations Outro”.  Somewhere around the release and FEFE becoming certified platinum, the Young Money team added a 20th track, FEFE to Queen.  Now I’ve been personally listening to Hip Hop since the days of Biggie and Lil Kim.  How are you to add additional songs to an album post-release? Not even a reloaded version like she has done in the past? It is about money it seems and not much else these days.nicki-minaj2.jpg
  3. She compared herself to Harriet Tubman for fighting for freedoms the same way she fought for streaming service plays to count towards Billboard.  A huge backlash worst than the one that hit Kanye for his “Slavery was a choice” comment ensued via Twitter and Instagram from her fans.
  4. #QueenRadio is the new shade room for the Summer.  Minaj after the VMAs continued her rant against Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner.  The articles surrounding the story goes as such: Nicki says that Travis mistakenly said he had the number one album when he didn’t.  On top of that, she is pissed that Kylie posted a concert flier alluding to her and Scott’s newborn Stormie’s attendance at the shows.  “How you out here selling sweaters and tour passes.” – Nicki.  She also gave him “Hxx of the week” on her Queen Radio show.nicki-minaj-arrives-at-hand-in-hand-benefit-for-hurricane-news-photo-846237662-1534861449.jpg
  5. Back to FEFE, though a fan favorite, both rappers on the track have had similar issues publicly. 6ix9ine has been convicted of using a minor in a sexual act and Minaj bailed out her brother who was later convicted for rape.  The theme for the video is a childlike adult world.  The opening scene of the video shows both playing hand games- weird? Maybe.  Maybe not.
  6. The album itself is sub par.  Compared to her delivery on her initial records and even guest-verses, this isn’t the Nicki we claim to see on Instagram.  She said in a video back in June or so when she postponed the release of her album for industry technicalities.  She says she has never been more creatively in-tuned.  It doesn’t seem so.  It seems like she had a good run until Cardi B enter the race.  It is different when you call yourself the best when you’re the ONLY.  Now that more and more female rappers are actually get a platform, Queens are looking like princesses.
  7. She along with many other Black women had a cover in September – her’s was Vogue Arabia.  She looked flawless as usual.asdasda
  8. Her performance at the 2018 VMAS is one of her best tv performances yet.
  9. The European leg of her tour remains unhinged for now.  You can catch #teamFEFE starting in Australia pretty soon.
  10. A lot of the stories surrounding her release talks about her dealing with the fact that she is approaching 40.  Funny enough, J LO just received the Michael Jackson Vanguard award.  She is turning 50 years old next year.  When it comes to women in the industry, too many times are their careers held against their birth certificates.  Rappers such as Nas, Jay Z, and Kanye West, are past 40 years old.  They all dropped albums within the last year.  Why is it that women have a timestamp in the same field as men? Hmmm.
  11. Last night at the VMAs Tiffany Haddish made a comment regarding Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony saying that Cabello is here because she is nominated for 5 awards.  Nicki who had invited Normani, one of the remaining members of Fifth Harmony to her album release event, said during her acceptance speech that Normani “is that bi#$%”.  Today during an episode of her Queen radio show she went on further to say she refuses to have any black woman disrespected in front of her.  Black lives will surely matter.

Minaj unlike many other celebs have a strong public relationship with her fans.  She has set up funds and has a scholarship program in place.  Her money seemingly is spent on the folks she cares about which says a lot more than what beef she is currently engaging in.


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