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Watch Snowfall on FX This Thursday, We Sat With Ja’Quàn Cole Who Plays Biscuit

Snowfall is set in Los Angeles during 1980s crack-cocaine epidemic. Check your local listing for air times.

How many years have you been a full time actor?

Well I would have to say for about a little over 2 years now.  I would say for me it’s living full time as an artist since I play keyboards/piano/organ as well. I very been pursuing acting professionally since 2011.

Has it been a childhood dream to be working in LA or a newer dream?

Most definitely. Growing up I was always mocking or impersonating someone. I remember being about 10 or 11 years old and watching TV thinking “I can do that, I wanna do that as my job”.  My mom had us watching all the classic films and musicals growing up. All the black and whites. Casablanca, singing in the rain, gone with the wind, arsenic and old lace, it’s a wonderful Life, cabin in the sky, and so on.  All of the classic TV shows as well. From the Jefferson’s to I dream of Jeanie, from I love Lucy to what’s happening. It was very eclectic.

Outside of acting what other passions do you have?

I love music. I grew up around music and singing. My dad was a singer and jazz Alto sax player. I have a fakipy full of musicians and singers.  I also love writing, painting. One of my biggest passion is seeing youth discover their talents and gifts and realizing that they are able to achieve them. Sports is also a big passion I have.

Being Black in America is something we really don’t see too much of on screen.  How does that make you feel?

It’s tough. It’s disheartening at times. I think that people are maybe still uncomfortable seeing those stories or don’t know how to tell them.  I do think that we have moved forward in some areas, but there is much further to go. There are a lot of untold stories of Black people in America. The true stories.

How was it auditioning for the tv show Snowfall?

It was an amazing experience! I binged watched the entire 1st season the day before my audition. I originally auditioned for the role of ‘Peaches’. Casting called my reps the next day and asked me to come into a producer session to read for ‘Biscuit’. One table read later and it was time to shoot.  Great casting, great team, great talent. Top to bottom all love.

Did you need to study or prepare for your role as Biscuit?

Haha. I binge watched the entire 1st season of Snowfall to get feel and pace. Then I kinda took on the persona of some of the guys from the old neighborhood that I grew up in.

If they’re writing a big Blockbuster starring you, what’s the role?

Okay here we go:

” Meet John Cliff,  a young, smart, & charasmatic L.A. narcodics officer special requested to a national DEA case only to discover that he’s being set up to take the fall for a national drug conspiracy focused around central Los Angeles. It’s up to John to rely on his wits, training and some old friend from the neighborhood to save his family, department and himself and bring justice to those that need it.”

Beverly Hills cop 1 meets Minority Report meets Casablanca.

In the age of social media, do you think it is easier or harder to market yourself as talent or a brand?

I’m not sure. I don’t think too much about branding myself. I don’t have the Instagram, Twitter or snapchat apps on my phone I think It’s really an American thing.. Specifically Los Angeles. I really didn’t see that living in London, ya know?

What’s one piece of advice you would tell your 13 year old self?

Follow your dreams… Believe in yourself always follow your heart.

What’s coming up next for you?

Just grinding on the craft and trying to get better everyday as a person and as an artist. To contribute to the world and the craft. I’m writing a screenplay. I can’t really say what it is or based on because I think it’s the 1st of it’s kind. But I think it’s gonna be really incredible and change the paradigm in some ways.

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