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Impact|Review and Results 9.27.18

Impact in Mexico starts off with the recap of last week.

1. Impact Knockouts Championship: Tessa Blanchard defeated Fabby Apache

Fabby came out with her AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. This match was wrestled with intensity we rarely see with women’s matches in this country. They went back in forth they traded stiff shots with each other and had amazing counters. Fabby hit amazing looking Angels Wings for a near fall and Tessa hit a code breaker for a near fall. The crowd was into it but confused at times because Fabby is a heel for AAA but was the de facto babyface in this except she would heel up to the crowd. The finish saw Tessa counter Fabby and hit her buzzsaw DDT.

Post match Tessa cut a promo proclaiming to be the best wrestler and athlete. She said that she wiped out the entire Knockouts division and now beat the best in Mexico. Taya Valkyrie made her return interrupted Tessa and cut a promo in Spanish. She called her self La Perra Del Mal and that Tessa is good but she isn’t Lucha Royalty and challenged her to a match at Bound For Glory.

Backstage Segment:

Eddie Edwards and Alisha continue arguing but Alisha is glad that Eddie has a partner tonight. Johnny Impact walks in tells Eddie to work together with him. Apparently this conversation took place in the women’s bathroom.

OVE Cam:

Sami Callihan takes credit for Bound For Glory selling out. Jake continue to idolize Sami while Dave is seeing through Sami’s Bs. Sami volunteers Jake Crist to face Brian Cage. Jake Crist was beyond scared.

Eli Drake tours the streets of Mexico. He was being his usual self calling people dummies and tontos. Eli Drake is going to challenge a luchador next week.

2. Brian Cage defeated Jake Crist

This wasn’t much of a match Jake got a little offense in when Sami was able to attack Cage on the outside. Other than it was all Brian Cage he won with the drill claw.

Post match Sami and Dave Crist attack Brian Cage. The lights go out and Pentagon Jr and Fenix kidnap Dave Crist they’re shown on the screen beating Dave with 2x4s this wall all done in about 30 seconds. I guess Pentagon and Fenix have those Undertaker powers. This was the weakest angle of the whole OVE/Lucha Bros saga.

McKenzie interviews Austin Aries, Moose, & Killer Cross:

Austin Aries said that he takes care of business. He said that tonight Cross and Moose are going to take care of business. Killer Cross can’t let Johnny Impact ruin their plans and tonight he’s going to make Johnny Impact Johnny neck brace.

Backstage Segment:

Katarina interrupts Grado and Joe Hendry. Katarina doesn’t have hard feelings and she’s got a huge gift for Grado. Murder Clown from AAA appears and is going destroy Joe Hendry next week. The best part of this was Katarina naming all of the clowns in AAA Monster Clown, Psycho Clown, Dave the Clown, and Pagano.

Scarlett Bordeaux is on a rooftop and made a huge announcement. Apparently her AAA debut is doing huge numbers on YouTube. Her big announcement was that she’s looking to manage someone. So she put out a worldwide talent search. It’s the Terri Invitational 2018!

3. LAX defeated The Desi Hit Squad

As far as an LAX match it was their weakest in a long time but as far as the Desi Hit Squad it was their best match ever. The match wasn’t bad it was just there but it accomplished in giving LAX a win and giving the rub to the Desi Hit Squad. LAX won with the street sweeper.

Post match the OGz burn a Konnan mask. I don’t think Santana and Ortiz were alive when Konnan lost that mask.

Falla Bahh is babysitting a recovering KM. He was reading him a bed time story then sang him a lullaby. KM tells Bahh to get revenge. This was great all Falla Bahh said was Bahh

Backstage Segment:

Tessa thought it was funny that just as she arrived Taya left. She accepted Taya’s challenge for Bound For Glory.

4. Allie & Kiera defeated Su Yung & The Undead Maid of Honor

This was decent match not much too it but Kiera looked real good in it and she even got the crowd behind her. I feel they’ve run out of ideas with Su Yung so she sort of seems lost. Kiera pinned Su Yung.

5. Moose & Killer Kross defeated Eddie Edwards & Johnny Impact

This was a good long match that the crowd didn’t care about. Johnny Impact is a star in Mexico but he’s been a heel for his entire run so the crowd again was confused on how to react to him. Early part of the match Moose spent it trying to avoid Edwards so it was mostly Kross and Impact going at it. The action was good but again the crowd didn’t care much. The finish was Moose hitting a spear on Eddie to pick up the win.

After two weeks of shows it’s become obvious that the crowd only cares about people they’re familiar with so it is hurting the action a bit but it’s still an improvement over the Impact Zone.

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