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WOW- Women of Wrestling TV Tapings Review

WOW- Women of Wrestling held two nights of TV tapings at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on October 10-11. The tapings were for their upcoming season airing on AXS TV beginning on January 18, 2019. On the first night episodes one through four were shot and episodes five through eight were shot on the second night.

This is AXS TV’s second wrestling promotion running on the network, the first is New Japan Pro Wrestling which features strong style Japanese wrestling . WOW is led by Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jeanie Buss and MGM’s David McLane.  WOW is known for their theatrical all women’s Pro Wrestling, showcasing a different type of female action.  While most wrestling companies such as WWE and IMPACT Wrestling give their female wrestlers a more grounded character, WOW thrives on having their girls use very gimmicky personas. However, this plays along with the style and vision of the company.

David McLane in a press conference held Thursday night said that all the women’s characters were based on their real-life personalities and background stories.

He also noted that with the rise in popularity of women’s wrestling that this is the best time for the show exist.

The Venue and Production 

As mentioned earlier, WOW held their two nights of tapings at the Belasco Theater. The venue featured a lower level and a balcony level, the entire lower level was full with a hyped up audience. The Belasco is a great place to run TV, after looking at the camera angles you can tell it will come across great on Television.

The production for WOW was high up there. Again, everything looked great on camera and I am sure the final product will be top-notch. Because this was treated as a studio type of taping, they did have people cueing the audience and did not allow any sort of photos, videos or spoilers.

The Women, The Wrestling 


Overall the matches were solid and entertaining. Because the characters are so new and unknown it was interesting to see how they would come about. Because WOW is very theatrical, the characters had to come across strongly. One of the things that personally impressed me were the costumes and the looks. Every person had a unique look pertaining to who their character was supposed to be.

The most over girls so far (night two) were Tessa Blanchard and Beast. Tessa Blanchard was their major signee, she has made a name for herself in the indie scene and most recently with IMPACT Wrestling and is also a third-generation star. So her popularity on the show was a given. Beast was the other woman who the crowd seemed very excited about. Other girls to know are Santana Garrett, Jungle Grrl, Keta Rush, Stephy Slays, Fire (Kiera Hogan), The Temptress (Katarina Waters.)

The first eight epsiodes of WOW will begin airing next year in AXS TV. The premiere episode airs on January 18, 2019.

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