Actor Dave Shaver from a Professional Car Racer to the Big Screen.

Dave Shaver was born outside of London, England and moved to Albany, Georgia. He learned how to fly at a young age. He attended the University of Georgia and then joined the US Navy and served aboard nuclear submarines. After finishing the Navy, he moved to the Philadelphia area and worked in the commercial nuclear business.

Racing cars have always been his passion. He raced for 20-years then one day, he was approached by some neighbors who acted in community theater. He said, “yes.” They helped him with the basics. He then pursued an acting class in Philadelphia for over a year. His acting career now spends over 10-years.


Dave Shaver is known for his film, Hollywould” Directed by Joshua Coates (Director of But Delivers Us from Evil.) and alongside Eric Roberts. Shaver, the Chief of Police and Eric Roberts, plays a Detective that is about to retire. There’s a murder and the Detective (Eric Roberts) wants to be involved and certain unexpected things happen. “I enjoyed working with Eric. You always learn something from working with someone with his vast experience,” says, Shaver.

Shaver has been cast as Dr’s, Lawyers, Politicians, and Therapists. In the film “Los Angeles”, he was cast in a new kind of role as a frustrated Writer with certain ‘behavior issues.’ “It was difficult because it was like nothing I had done before…loved it!”

Shaver admits that he’s still learning so much about the business. “As an Actor, it seems to be feast or famine..more feast, less famine…LoL” His advice for upcoming Actor’s is to be prepared, be on time, and ready to work.

IMG_2364What defines Shaver as an Actor is that he shows up prepared and on-time and he understands that the production of a Film/TV project is very much a team sport. He has a lot of admiration for any actor that has worked in the business for a long time. “I think that if you have been successful for 10-20 years, it shows flexibility as an Actor Bryan Cranston is a good example.”

He is well-known for his astounding portrayal as Pope Sixtus IV in CNN’s “Pope. The Most Powerful Man in The World.” CNN’s “Pope” was mostly shot around Philadelphia by Glass Productions. He had auditioned for one role and was offered another role of Pope Sixtus the IV. Not being Catholic, he had to do some research about Popes and what they were about throughout history.

http://www.daveshaveractor.com IMDb Dave Shaver(II), Facebook DaveShaver actor page, Instagram davegshaver


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