Actor Dustin Ardine: Escaping from the World Led to his “Best Actor” Award for Hamlet.

Actor Dustin Ardine was born in Reno Nevada. He was born Dustin Anthony Serrano, but his grandfather, William Ardine,  a WWII Veteran in the Air Force and one of the biggest influences his life, on his deathbed gave him permission to use his last name in order to carry on his lineage. His parents divorced in 1988 when he was 4-years old and they moved around a lot when he was a child.

When he was 6-years old he celebrated his birthday at Universal Studios in California. He was picked out of the crowd alongside his father, and two cousins Kristen & Angela to be part of the Star Trek experience. They filmed a live episode in front of the audience and then it played in a huge theatre later that day. It was at this moment that Ardine knew he wanted to be an Actor. However, coming from a working-class family, he had no connections to anyone in the entertainment industry. So he started performing in musicals and theatre in school and with local acting companies. “I always wanted to be the very best Actor that I could be and wanted to learn as much as I could. I discovered the teachings of many of the greatest acting teachers in the world including Strasberg, Adler, Chekhov, and Stanislavski.  I studied at the renowned Academy of Art University under the tutelage of Hollywood leading lady Diane Baker, and at the famed New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.”

What is it about acting that attracts you? “Honestly when people ask me why I want to be an Actor my response is “why don’t you”? I love acting, I love being on set, I love the industry, I love telling engaging stories. I love bringing a character to life. No matter if that person is a Hero, a Villain, or in any time period in history. I think for me, becoming someone else and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes and figuring out who that person is and what they have inside of them, given their unique background is something I love about what I do. In the beginning, I think acting was an escape for me. Escape from the world, from my home life, even from myself. To be honest, I have never been very comfortable in my own shoes. Being on set is home to me, it’s where I feel like I belong.”

He won an award for his role of “Roy” in the feature film, “I Am Not For Sale: The Fight To End Human Trafficking,”  Directed by Romane Simon. It is a film that tells the story of the horrors involved in the world of human trafficking and the terrible things that happen to those captured and held hostage to be sold. “Human Trafficking is a huge epidemic in the world right now and needs to be stopped! We hope this film sheds light on the cruelty of it all in an effort to bring it to an end.” His role, “Roy”  is kind of the adoptive son to the head villain of the film played by Daytime Emmy Award Winner and soap opera legend Judi Evans.” I loved every second of working with Judi, she is a constant professional, an inspiring mentor, an incredible actress, and a wonderful person.” Many big names are in this film including, Tom Sizemore(Blackhawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Red Planet), Sean Faris(Never Back Down, Pearl Harbor), Denise Milford(Roots, Dead on Arrival), Sabina Lisievici(Iubire si Secrete) and well-known Musicians including, Jeff Chery, Yung of Cali Swag District, and Romanian vocalist Francisca Dulceanu. “It was great to see so many Artists come together to use their talents to try and help the fight against human trafficking.”

Ardine wrote and directed his most recent film, “Ashes.” It is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The year is 2255, Humanity has destroyed itself by allowing its differences to be the cause of an epic war that laid waste to the entire population. Nothing remains but a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Now hundreds of years later, only a few human tribes remain, grouped together not by blood or family, but by race. Ardine plays the character “Jack 6.” “It was a very difficult and long process to get this done. We had a very small budget and a very small but dedicated and talented cast and crew. Opposite myself on screen where three fantastic people. Julia Ellen Waltz stars as Sarina, Monda Scott stars as Allia, and also Raymond Karago stars as the young man.”

Ardine is a very versatile Actor who has played a vast array of characters from Shakespearean to Demented, from modern comedy to period dramatic. “I can tell you a few roles that I remember that really stuck with me and still do. On stage, I played the role of Hamlet. I was so honored to get the chance to play the legendary role and I worked so hard to bring him to life in a way I had not seen before. I was nominated for “Best Actor” for my performance. I also played the villain Iago in “Othello” for which I won one of my “Best Actor” awards. “ Lago was such an engaging and layered character to me. Finding out what made him tick and finding an original reason for all his actions was one thing I loved and hated about playing him.”

“Now on screen, one very memorable character for me was actually my first lead in a feature film playing the character Minotaur in the film “Ariadne”. I put on over 65 pounds for the role and we filmed for over 3-months and I stayed in character the entire time. The inner turmoil going on for this character made me fear playing him but I knew it was something I had to do in order to bring him to life. The other character on screen that is memorable for me is Rose in the feature film “L.A. Kidnapping”. Rose was a full-on comedic character and many people couldn’t believe it was me on screen. I love doing comedy and love getting the chance to show that side of myself.”

In his horror film, “Birth” He plays the character, “John” who has to fight against demonic forces to save his unborn baby and his wife “Amy”, played by the amazing Isabel Serrano. Both Ardine and Serrano picked up “Best Actor” awards for their performances. The film was written by Erika Hurt & Ozlem Altingoz and directed by Ozlem Altingoz and it was shot in the same house that all the insidious films are shot in. “We shot in many locations and all night shoots. It was a very hard shoot as I had many stunts and emotional scenes. Plus I went on a starvation diet for 2 months, leading up to filming because I had to drop weight in a hurry from the previous feature film I did called “Ariadne” in which I had to gain over 65 pounds. So for about 2 and a half months, I ate nothing at all. I didn’t even allow myself to eat on set. I only started eating again once we wrapped. But the end result was great so I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Ardine just finished “Angel of Mercy,” It was written and directed by Paul Deorio and Cinematography by Bradford Hamilton, who had recently done “Birth.”  It is a pilot for a TV show that is set in the 1970’s about Ardine’s character “Sawyer McCormick.” He is a Cop on the trail of a mysterious group of murderers.

“Proving Ground”  is slated to begin shooting in early 2019. It is a psychological thriller directed by Joel Bender. Ardine will be starring opposite Hollywood Starlet Dominique Swain. He will also be working on the film, “Religion,” directed by Salifu Zakari. The film will be shot in Ghana, Africa.

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