Actress and Producer Chrystal Snow: Break The Chain Films, Break the Chain of Addiction

Actress Chrystal Snow is from Canada. She was raised by a single mother who was a very strong and independent woman. Snow credits her mother for the woman she is today.  

She fell into acting by accident. The notion never crossed her mind. She has been modeling since she was 12-years old and through modeling, she was fortunate enough to meet one of the Stars from “The Trailer Park Boys,” (Cyrus), Bernard Robichaud. Robichaud brought her on board for his Comedy Tour and live shows. Snow ended up signing with an Agent in Calgary Canada and then booked a Documentary of Canadian Icon Katie Lang and also on “Fargo” the series” on CBC.

Her first big break was her role in 2015 after being noticed on social media. She landed a role in the film, “Garroter” in Detroit Michigan. On the set of “Garroter,” she met her best friend and now Business Partner John Vella. Vella is the Managing Director of “Break The Chain Films LLC” alongside Snow the CEO.

My favorite thing about being an Actress is being able to tell a story for people who may not have a voice. Once I got serious about acting I found that it definitely is my life’s passion. I do not only want to be known for my talent I want to make a difference in the world through my films.

In 2012, Snow and an Actor friend started writing a script for a TV series called “Angel Dust.” Angel Dust was based on true events, but with a twist alongside Mythical Beings. Before they could get “Angel Dust” into production she got a call from her Manager who got her signed with a Hollywood Talent Agent and she needed to be in LA. Angel Dust was then dust on the shelf.  

While waiting for auditions, Snow became a Producer. Her Manager at the time approached her with an Investor looking for a script to produce. Snow and her Partner John Vella were involved with four projects at the time. They needed to decide which project to show the Investor. The pressure was on. “‘The Other Side Of Paradise” was born. The film is based on a true story of a woman who fell into drug addiction, living on the streets on East Side Vancouver Canada.  She eventually has encounters with one of Canada’s most notorious Serial Killers. “John Vella and I worked 16 hours a day writing the screenplay. It was amazing how it all came together.” “Of course, the fact that the story is based on my best friend from years ago made it a little easier to bring it to life.” “John Vella and I then formed Break The Chain Films, because that’s what we hope our film will do …Break the chain of addiction!”

Snow is a Lead Actress in John Vella’s film, “Cemetery Stories.” She plays the role of Angel who is the mother of a troubled teen that she fears may have joined a satanic cult. Cemetery Stories was filmed in Detroit Michigan last year and is expected to be released by November 2020. Many great talents are involved including, Timothy Quill from “Army of Darkness.” This film promises to scare your pants off.

“As an Actress, I look for roles that suit my true persona.” “I see a lot of Actors auditioning for any role they can and taking on and characters that they shouldn’t, just to get onto a production. I feel that doing so really damages your career, therefore I only submit to roles I know were made for me.

“I am a firm believer that everything we go through in our lives happens to prepare us for what’s to come. I believe everything that everything happened to me up until now to become an Actress prepared me to be the best I can be.”






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