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Cicely Tyson Is An Honorary Academy Award Winner At 93, Yes Read That Again


Silver cap sold separately.  Queen Cicely as she is normally referred to by Black Hollywood took the stage in Hollywood on Sunday to accept her award, she is 93 years old.  What was that Aaliyah line? Age aint nuttin but a number; evidently.

She was presented by A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay, Nobody’s Fool Tyler Perry, and the legendary Quincy Jones.


Cicely is the first Black woman to ever receive this honor.  Her tribe of powerful women in media came to her side to help her remember this moment in history.   It wasn’t too long ago that Oprah took the stage to announce that “Time’s Up” for a lot of the old ways of Hollywood.  This is a powerful step in the right direction as far as woman, minorities, and inclusivity in production companies is concerned.  oprah4.jpg

Today, we give thanks to the Academy for honoring our Queen.

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