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Actress Jenna Curtis wins “Best Actress” in “Apple of my Eye” Directed by Xiaoli Liu.

Jenna Curtis (Jennifer Karoline Sandra Kolar) is an Austrian Singer, Actress, and Model. She first gained notoriety with plays, “Emilia Galotti” and the role of Romy Schneider´s character in “Mädchen in Uniform.” After her training at the Viennese Performing Arts School “Sunrise Studios” for Musical Theatre, she then moved to Los Angeles. She set her sights on film, TV and commercial acting while working on her first album with original indie-pop songs.

Due to her timeless look and European elegance, Jenna has been working in a variety of period dramas and indie projects.

She played the role of “Edra” in James Franco´s film, “Evil Days” in 2016. In “Evil Days,” Edra is a lesbian vampire. She is an inspiration and fine art model to “Victoria´ (Dracula), who is keeping her with other girls in her dark art studio. She also played a Waitress in Damien Chazelle´s “La La Land.”

She recently won “Best Actress” in the film, “Apple of my Eye.” It is a Horror short film, written and directed by Xiaoli Liu. It won the “Best Horror Short” at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival.

In “Apple of my Eye” Curtis plays a mother of a 10- year old. They are the last survivors of a zombie invasion, staying at a hidden cabin in the forest. When the mother leaves the house to find a better food source for them, she has to enter the zombie zone. This puts her into a dangerous situation where she gets attacked. She returns with the food but gets defeated by a virus before she reaches the cabin. As the boy sees his mother through the window he leaves the house, but what he´ll discover will change his life forever.

“I liked the idea of playing a zombie when accepting this role and after reading the script I was very excited to be part of the production. I wanted to see how I would move and feel portraying a creature. Especially the part of turning into one was a lot of fun.”

“I liked the challenge this role offered to me. There was a lot of running and falling on the ground and I definitely took some scratches and bruises from it. I had to wear contacts and since I don’t wear them naturally, I had to practice putting them in and out many times before our shoot, just to make sure they wouldn’t take a long time when we got on set.”

What roles appeal to you? “I always like to challenge myself and see what I can be. Anything from aliens, vampires, robots and, zombies. I had the opportunity to try it all. I also get cast quite a bit in secret agent and spy roles, that have a little bond girl or action figure touch to it. But there´s also a side to me, when my inner European is coming through, that likes classy vintage looks and playing parts in historic period pieces.”

Her new album is a mix of folk, pop, soul and a hint of jazz music. “I write about life, love, and pain; like every musician out there does. Music has always been a place for me where I get the opportunity to say the things I wouldn´t usually be able to say to another person. If I pack it into a song, it comes much easier and my feelings and thoughts become very clear.” “We have an expression in Austria that says “Sag es Durch die Blume”, which means “Say it through the flower.” It means use whatever helps you to express how you feel, and sometimes a flower by itself would help you do that. That´s how I feel about songs. They are the flower to express how I really feel. Like acting, it´s a free form of self-expression and you´re your own boss.”

Curtis models beautiful jewelry (especially vintage jewelry), lingerie, cosmetics and beauty products. She works for clients such as “Beladora” and “Edessa Vintage Jewelry”, “Liviara Luxurious Lingerie”, “Eve Hansen” and “Erui Cosmetics.”

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