Kevin Grant Author and CEO of Gifted Grant Productions Launches Anti-Bullying Book Series

Kevin Grant’s life started on a different path. His mom thought she was having twins until Jan 20, 1982, much to her surprise she was having triplets. Grant and his siblings weighed 3 lbs., each and would be kept in the hospital for 5 months.

Life was difficult for Grant. He recalls his mom sacrificing a lot for the family. It became evident when he entered school. Riding the bus wasn’t an option, so he walked to school and didn’t have the best clothes. Bullying first occurred while his brothers and Grant were in the second grade. He recalls getting in trouble once for defending myself. “My mother always told us to “chunk” someone for messing with us. So, one day I “chunk” someone for messing with me. Principal Eakman, found out and paddled me and then told my mom. When she founded out, I said mom you told me to “chunk them!”  She giggled and said your right son, I did tell you to chunk them. So, I survived that day.”

With a lack of resources growing up Grant had limitations of what he could do and places that he could go. Writing was his escape and it took him to places where he couldn’t go. “Writing has no measurements or limits and it’s the freedom that you have to express yourself by any means. It’s your imagination at work.”

Years later Grant served in the Navy for 13 years and earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Organizational Management from the University of La Verne in La Verne California.   

His love for writing and his passion to help others led him to launch his anti-bullying book, Nelish Daring Quests. It is about a relatable superhero in the animal universe that doesn’t seem like a hero on the outside, but when tested, it’s true meaning comes out. The main character is a peacock and he’s considered prey by most predators. Nelish the Peacock has to overcome the opposition by any means. The theme of the book is just because you are born a certain way, it doesn’t define you. “I wrote the book because I wanted to give kids, parents, and people of all ages hope because I’ve been there. I wanted someone like a superhero to rescue me when I was being bullied. Now I want to fill that same void in someone else’s life and encourage them by giving them hope and building up their confidence.”

Book 2 of his series, “Nelish Daring Quests, Predator Uprising,” is about Nelish who is considered prey by most predators appears weak and defenseless. However, the opposition is at hand for both sides. The story is full of tension, loyality shifts, and drastic danger causing greater concern for both predator and prey. Once again Nelish the Peacock and his “tail-feathers” must face a more daunting and daring quest of survival against the opposition. Yet it is the stereotypical sense of the fact that predators in the animal world and bullies of the human world try to look and attack the status quo. Grant is currently working on Book 3, “Nelish Daring Quests Mascot Rivals.”

What should people know about bullying that isn’t mainstream? “People should know that bullying doesn’t stop externally.  It continues on internally can do much more harm than good. The effects of bullying also have a generational consequence.”

How do you feel your book will help? “I believe my book will build courage and confidence to kids to know that there is a superhero out there that knows what they are going through. If he can overcome bullying, so can they.  Parents and other responsible adults and teens would be glad that this resource material is available. Also, adults with be at peace knowing that this material is producing and boosting confidence and other positive morale.”

Grant has big plans for his series including not only making a movie, but also to have a cartoon series, and possibly Broadway.


Instagram:  KevinGrant777   

Twitter:  RealKevinGrant  

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