Actor Richard Goss from the Road of Heavy Metal to the Path of Acting

Actor Richard Goss was born and raised in Swansea, South Wales. From a young age, he was surrounded by literature and music. South Wales has produced many fantastic Actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen, and Richard Burton.

Goss was a classical violinist from 5-years old to 17. From there he switched to playing the metal guitar and toured with a band across the UK, Europe, and Japan, winning a few ”Best Unsigned Artist” awards.

Goss was on tour in Japan with his band and between shows and traveling he was watching a lot of movies. When he got back to the UK,  he couldn’t stop thinking about acting and what it must be like to be on a set. He then watched the Michael Mann film ‘Heat’ and at that pivotal moment he decided to quit music and the next morning he set out to become an Actor.

For Goss, acting is about the escapism. He thrives on being out of yourself completely, learning to think and behave like someone else, meeting new people and using his imagination. “I think as you grow older and in ‘normal’ jobs, your imagination and creativity gets crushed out of you. Acting is a perfect escape world.”

In the film, “Straight Line” Goss plays the role of a Technician. It is an independent thriller/horror directed by his long-time friend, Josh Crooks, starring Kacey Ainsworth (Eastenders, Grantchester) and set in the 1980’s. In his role of the technician, he investigates disturbances and urban legends in a forest in Mid-West  America. “It was a really fun shoot, I got to use a US accent for the first time on camera and had a cool stunt scene. The film segments I worked on are shot in a ‘found footage’ style. I actually saw some edited footage tonight and it looks fantastic. Really excited to share more as and when it’s ready.”

In his film directed by Todor Tragmar, “The Prince of North West,” it is a modern-day crime drama with a film noir tone, based on a London gang. Goss plays Steve, an ex-boxer and enforcer for the gang’s leader who is played by the talented Lloyd Morris. The film’s currently in post-production and will be at next year’s festival circuit.

His films “Genesis” and “Going Home” were nominated for “Best Film Awards” at the Cardiff Film Festival. “It was the first nomination for any project I was involved in which was exciting, and we came runner up which was still cool. They were really fascinating roles for me, both films were written and directed by Tom McLean who was a blast to work with and allowed lots of room for improvisation which I enjoy.” “ In GENESIS where my character Lloyd is this manipulative, cruel man towards his brother, using religion as his shield, I guess would be the best way to describe it. He hides behind it and uses it to torment his brother. It was a lot of fun to work on. The Actor who plays my brother, Craig Beedim, was great. There were 10 minute long takes of us improvising entire scenes of dialogue which sadly had to be trimmed down for the final edit.”

Goss was named “UK Actor of the Week” by Casting Call Pro, now rebranded as Mandy, one of the biggest casting sites in the UK. He received it for his outstanding role as Sergeant Jones in the WWII drama, “The Final Leaves of Winter.”

His upcoming projects include writing a script based on a criminal gang pulling off a robbery and he just auditioned for roles in two major US TV series.

Social Media 

Twitter @RichardGossAct

Instagram @ RichGoss

Website: http://www.richardgossactor.com

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