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Actress Sanae Loutsis Co-Starring on Friday the 13th Vengeance

Actress Sanae Loutsis grew up in a Christian household. Her Mother is a stay at home Mom and her Father owns a construction business. Her mantra is “If you commit to something you can’t go back on it.”

Her glimpse into stardom began one night on Halloween She was trick-or-treating in the mall when all the sudden this lady comes up to her parents. She talked about how cute she was and that she should get into modeling. She was a year too young, so a year later when she turned four, she received a call from the lady on her birthday asking if she was interested in modeling. Her parents decided to give it a try and from there the modeling morphed into acting.

Her first break came in the film,“The Black String,” where she played Isabella alongside Frankie Muniz. This film is about a suburban slacker has a reckless encounter with a mysterious woman, his life begins to unravel in horrific fashion. His friends and family believe he’s losing his mind, but he’s convinced something far more sinister is taking place. Isabella in “The Black String” is meant to let you see the good side of the main character, Jonathan which is played by Frankie Muniz.

Initially, she wasn’t auditioning for a smaller part. Her acting coach, Sharif Ibrahim gave her Father a phone call and asked if we could come to visit him in LA. He wanted them to fly down and meet the Writers and Producers, Richard Handley and Brian Hanson. At first, they were going to just give her a small non-speaking role, but when they met me her in person they decided they wanted to give her a larger role of Isabella. “It was unexpected when I found out and It turned out pretty cool too because both of my scenes are with Frankie Muniz.” The film has not been released.

Sanae was cast as the lead role of Nina in the Horror Feature Film, “Beloved Beast,” directed by Jonathan Holbrook. Nina is a little girl who loses her parents in a car wreck and goes to live with her crazy aunt Erma played by Joy Yaholkovsky. She befriends this giant guy in a bunny mask named Harvey who basically becomes her protector.

What have been your fondest memory of acting? “One of my fondest memories in acting would be at one of the first acting classes.  I was sitting in the corner and I was very shy at the time. The funny thing is I had a loose tooth and like any kid, I couldn’t stop wiggling it. About fifteen minutes into the class it fell out! I’d never experienced this before and my parents weren’t even there. I started to cry, and everybody rushed over and surrounded me which made me cry even more from being overwhelmed. They ended up calling my parents who thankfully hadn’t left yet and they rushed back up and calmed me down. My favorite memory with an Actor is probably when I was on set of “The Parish” and I was doing a scene with Lucas Oktay. We had to sit on a bench in shorts in the middle of Winter. We were freezing so we kept making jokes about this comic book we were supposed to be reading and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much on set before.”

In the film, “The Parish,” Directed by David S. Hogan, she plays Audrey. Haunted by the death of her husband, Liz uproots her daughter (Loutsis) and moves them to a small town, where they experience paranormal things; the real nightmares begin. It stars Angela DiMarco, Sanae Loutsis, Bill Oberst Jr., and Sara Coates.

What do you like the most about your craft? “What I really like about acting is not only the fact that it’s just quite fun but many components play into real life. I’m never nervous in school to present projects, ask questions, or to speak my mind. It also helps you to be empathetic. The more acting you do, the more you get different scripts and every character has a different story. Even though it is fake, it can be real for some people and then I can understand what they go through.”

You will see Loutsis in the feature film “Friday the 13th Vengeance,” in which she plays Ashley Jarvis. “The Friday The 13th fans are going to love this one! It is in pre-production and I think will start shooting in February or March.” “I also have another film in the works for next year about saving the ocean. It will be my first non-horror film, so I am looking forward to it. This one is really under wraps, so I can’t even tell you the name of it yet. This film did lead to me donating and supporting a book that is coming out called “Be a Voice” by Writer Tracey Ozdemir. It is a children’s book to help educate people on how they should help our dying ocean and sea life. If you go to my Facebook page and follow me I will post when it gets released.”

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