Actor and Writer, Beau Thompson Shares his Upcoming Films for 2019

Actor Beau Thompson lived in 8 different countries and spent the first part of his life taking risk after risk. He met his wife who saved his life in more ways than he can count. They have been together for 30 years.

Thompson started out as a Writer until he had their first child. Since writing didn’t pay well he coached for 25 years and is now currently an AP U.S., World History and Human Geography teacher for 28 years. “I was working 110 hours a week as a coach and when I stopped coaching I was coming home after school each day and my wife finally said get out of the house. I was driving her crazy. “I did a short film and began taking classes with Michele Condrey of REACT Studio. The film did well and I ended up with Callidus Agency and now I am about to stop teaching and pursue the acting and writing full-time.”

You are an Actor and Writer, is there any synergy between them? “Actually they are both a lot like coaching. Your results reflect the time and effort you put into them. It is constant work to improve and get better and of course, everyone can tell you what your’e doing wrong.”

He completed “Knight Games,” directed Kat Albert last year. “Knight Games” started out as a web series/feature and was a proof of concept that people don’t really want to touch because of current politics. “We wrote it before Trump was elected. It was written to the intellect not the shallow end of things. Each character is named after a various God in theology, (I wanted to be a research historian, not a teacher and my area is ancient theology.).” “The story is about each year 2 powerful beings play a game to see who will control the path of humans on Earth. There are games going on above and below them in each universe and each world. Basically good-vs-evil but the reality is that line is so blurred by power who is to say what is good and what is evil?  I could talk forever about that universe. I love creating characters whether it is on the page or on the set.”

What characters do you play? “I am usually a bad guy and that is fun. I want characters that everyone else is afraid to play. I want that meaty hard to play challenge. I have played gay, been a drag queen and all kinds of bad guys and so on. I want to be known as the hardest working character actor with the widest range.”

Thompson just finished shooting, “Wrong Exit” this Summer and also writing a Western. He is also doing a play that is going to South Africa in March. “I play the devil.” “Also he plays Mayor Bird in the second season of Breakers: Saving Harper Ross by Chaison Laing. The first season has won several awards. It should be released soon on DeoTV.”

This Spring he plans to do “Love Not So Grand” which is his take on a love story.

IMDB:  http://www.imdb.me/beauthompson

SHORT DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzgiddVJkI4

LONG DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nshsS9hwDos

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