Actor Bill Housekeeper from a Small Coal-Mining Town to the Big Screen

Actor Bill Housekeeper was raised in a small coal-mining town in Utah where neighbors would say hello to each other, people would go out of their way to help each other, and kids felt safe riding their bikes late at night.

His first break came when he had shown his demo reel to a good friend, Lynn Guthrie. Guthrie has won 4 DGA Awards and was nominated for an EMMY.  Guthrie is now retired but has unbelievable stories of working with some of the biggest names of the time including Elizabeth Taylor and Dustin Hoffman. Guthrie loved his work and told him that he was probably the most dedicated and hardworking actor he had ever seen. He quickly drew up a recommendation letter for Housekeeper and that was a door opener for him.

One of his favorite roles has been in Shakespeare’s, “The Taming of Shrew.” He played the minor character named Curtis. “There was something about creating him that made me really understand what it is like to get into the mind of another character, that only exists on paper.  Continuing on with how I began to breathe life into Curtis.” “ It would be many years down the road when I would get an opportunity from a Director Jenn Page. I had worked with Jenn in the past on a project called “Revenge Inc.,” a few years before. She brought me in to do a part in her project called, “The Lurking Man”, where I would play the role of Eddie. What made this moment so amazing was when I walked on to the set and she thanked me for being there and simply asked me to improv something.  My character was in a drug rehab program. I simply made up something on the spot, and she was very surprised. She asked me to do it again and said that she didn’t want me to stop. She then pulled me to the side and gave me some of the kindest words I have ever been given, so for that, I am always humbled to work with her.”

He recently finished wrapping up a project playing a wealthy businessman who is in league with a Russian mob boss. “The mob boss wants me to turn his daughter over to the Russian “authorities” so that she can be “taken care of” for going against the Russian family business.  I am to be paid nicely, and my business will begin to thrive even more if I help him out….What choice do I make? Do I help him, or run the risk of losing everything to help her?”

He was cast in the lead role as a Ranger named, Nathan by BAFTA nominated Director Rob Walker for “Demon.” “It was a lot of fun. The cast and crew were great to work with, and I got my first opportunity to work alongside Director Rob Walker. Rob was fun on set, and really enjoyed what he was doing. This was also my first trip as an Actor where production flew me somewhere (Florida) to do what I loved. I also ended up getting a chipped tooth while I was on there and instead of fixing it right away, I decided to use that as part of the character.”

What is it about acting that fuels your soul?

“The ability to look at life in a different way.  Acting is a reflection of life. In order to be able to portray different characters, and personalities you have to see the world in the way that the character sees it; it might be different than the way you normally see it.  This all sounds quite simple on the surface, but the more time that I spend with a script and a character, no matter how big or small, I always seem to learn more about this person that I am about to portray. What makes them say and behave the way that they do? Why are they telling a joke, or being manipulative? These revelations come from a deep script and character analysis, which is by far my favorite part of acting.”

He is working on, “Space Lizards” which is about Space Lizards that are coming to take over the planet and only one person knows what is really happening, and works against the odds to make everyone understand the dangers that lie ahead and save the planet.

You will also see Housekeeper in a martial arts movie that is in pre-production that should be filming in Prague in mid-2019 with Director David Polcyn.

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