Actor Marco Biagioli Launches talk show “Joboundu On-Camera” in London to give a Platform for Creatives.

Actor Marco Biagioli trained in Rome where he performed in theatre and shows.

After he began a popular Italian TV show called “Carramba che Fortuna” which gave him popularity to advance his career in entertainment,

he decided he wanted to become an Actor during his studies for computer science engineering. He had always been interested in reproducing facial expressions and characters from everyday life and movies, so he went to a theatre to start studying and performing.

His first break was an Italian TV series called “l’Italia allo Specchio” where he played the boyfriend. The TV series described different psychological situations that people were facing when in a relationship with a Partner or even a friend and then a story was developed following a custom end of that situation with all the possible scenarios.”It was interesting for me to develop the reactions and behaviors of a man that most of the times is used by the women just to have a safe bet or for sex. So I went through all the excitement of having someone interested in my personal and the following sadness of being rejected for a more deep relationship.”

What is it about acting that fuels your soul?

“It is the possibility to pretend to be someone else and dive into different personalities, understanding and reproducing behavior belonging to other people’s realities.”

Biagioli has played strong characters and personalities including a “Mafia Boss, bad guy or lover.

He started the Joboundu company with his Partner Erica Melargo to give more opportunities to creatives to find local jobs. They developed a platform for them to create a full profile and receive job proposals. Then they created the talk show, “Joboundu On-Camera.”  It is set in an old office in Euston Square. They interview Actors and Models from the film and TV industry and recently began interviewing Musicians, Singers and a member of the Italian parliament. In August a Sky TV Producer who loved the program asked if they wanted to broadcast their show on his channel. They were honored.

What would people be surprised to know about you? “They would probably be surprised to know how much work there is behind all of this. I work almost 100 hours per week if you consider all the planning and the marketing that needs to be done almost on a daily basis.”

Biagioli is moving full-speed ahead with 19 short movies scheduled for 2019 and a feature film for the beginning of 2020. He also plans to produce 42 episodes for his talk show and work on TV series.

He also has his eyes set on Hollywood.”I plan to get a good Agent connected with Los Angeles to settle down there as well and properly take off.”






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