Actor and Producer David Plascencia’s new film, “Tijuana” is “A story designed to bring audiences into a past world when Tijuana was the original Las Vegas.”

Actor and Producer David Plascencia grew up in Tijuana. He had an isolated upbringing, estranged from his father with three-and-a-half-sisters from a father that he didn’t really know at the time. Thus, his isolation centered his life around his imagination.

“I literally entertained myself with limitless scenarios of wishful thinking.”

He has always been an actor. He enjoyed entertaining people and making them laugh. Although “real” acting was always a terrifying idea for him. It wasn’t until his birthday in 2012 when he finally gathered up his courage and decided to take action. Not a surprise acting came natural and was exciting for Plascencia.

“I’m so passionate about acting that it’s a necessity as food and as air to breath. I have a need to be someone else to withstand the daily pressures of my responsibilities.”

“I’m inspired by the mere thought that everything is possible; I’ve often been ridiculed as a child and in my adulthood for daring to be myself. People are intimidated by what they don’t understand. Their unkind and sometimes cruel words and action are the greatest gift they have given me, meaning that I draw from those experiences the real emotions of pain to bring some of the characters that I play to life.”

Plascencia’s first break was when he was cast by award-winning Director Mary-Lyn Chambers. It was a small part, but he ended up meeting his future business partner. “I’ve also been fortunate to meet and work with 1 of my acting inspirations Legendary Veteran Actor Enrique Castillo. What a strike of good fortune to be able to call this man my friend.”

Plascencia mostly play villains; they are easy and really fun to play but are very stereotyped characters. He seeks to play challenging characters that are vulnerable and weak in appearance and demeanor. These are the roles that really display the range of the Actor’s talent.

He would like to see mores diverse roles for Latinos, Women and Minorities. “This is the perfect time in this industry to bring the color wave of ethnicities into the world of film and make a lot of money doing it.”

His most recent project is the film, “Tijuana” directed by Mary-Lyn Chambers. It is a story inspired by his paternal great-grandparents. His great-grandfather was the Chief of Police of Tijuana in the 1920s. Plascencia plays his great-grandfather the Chief of Police of Tijuana. The setting is 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico during U.S. Prohibition when Carmen (Plascencia’s great-grandmother), a wildly intelligent and ambitious woman manipulates her husband to launch her own tequila-smuggling business.

“Tijuana” is designed to bring audiences into a past world when Tijuana was the original Las Vegas. The main character is my great-grandmother Carmen, I wanted her character to be a woman of power as a master manipulator of her husband to get her agenda done. I want audiences to escape their reality and enter a world of the fascinating past of 1924 Mexico.”

“Producing Tijuana was like a euphoric nightmare full of challenges to say the least. It was like the presidency to me, extremely stressful in uncharted territory. It landed me in the E.R. twice for anxiety, thank GOD for Xanax!…LOL

“No matters what unforeseen event that occurred, nothing stopped the intense determination to bring this project to life. We attempted to raise money with fundraisers but had no success in any platform. Some of our friends collectively contributed generously to create 5% of the budget. But overall, I had to drain my bank account. To do something amazing you have to put your money where your mouth is. Nothing is more powerful and real than blind faith for a chance of bringing a dream to life.”

The movie is an official selection of “SLAMDANCE 2019” where they will do their World Premiere. “I’m fortunate to be attached to several films in development, but my main priority for 2019 is promoting and submitting Tijuana into as many film festivals as possible with the end goal to develop it into a television series.”

Plascencia launched David Blak Productions with the intent to provide an opportunity for filmmakers to present their projects for an opportunity to have their film financed. “Tijuana” the movie is the standard quality and example of this vision.

“I’ve faced several challenges as a Latino actor mainly being stereotyped and categorized. That is the prime reason that I decided to make the film, “Tijuana”, to provide an equal opportunity for Latinos, Women, Minorities and people of color.”

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