Pro Wrestling WOW- Women of Wrestling

This Week On WOW- Women of Wrestling {Preview}

The all women’s promotion WOW-Women of Wrestling continues this Friday night on AXS TV. Below is a first look into the triple threat match between Santana Garrett, Tessa Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl. Plus a list of other matches set to be on this week’s episode.

Announced for this week’s episode is the following:

Santana Garrett seeks to avenge the vicious attack on her father by Tessa Blanchard.

Jungle Grrrl insists her week one loss to Garrett is illegitimate as the reigning WOW Champion failed to pin her shoulders to the mat. Both women get their shot at retribution this week, in an epic Triple Threat main event that pits Garrett against Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl for the coveted WOW Championship Belt.

Other highlights include blonde bombshell Beverly Hills Babe going toe-to-toe with the radiant Eye Candy

Kentucky’s Own Jessie Jones serving up some Southern discomfort in a bout with fan-favorite Stephy Slays

The enigma from the dark side, Holidead, facing off against the mighty warrior-goddess Azteca.

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