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James Bird Directs We Are Boats, Questions Our Existence Here On Earth In All The Best Ways


Written and Directed by James Bird, We Are Boats follows the lives of multiple people who are on the brink of death.  Let’s think the movie Ghost starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore meets The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  We meet Francesca, a seemingly ordinary gorgeous woman who is struggling with some type of emotional trauma.  She wears it on her sleeve.  Something terrible has happened to her.  She runs into unknown random people and gives existential life advice on how they can deal with their daily problems.


We meet Sir, played by Orange’s Is The New Black Uzo Aduba.  She is in charge of the men and women who experienced the same fate as Francesca.  She gives her a file, a mission to complete, which if she is successful will grant her one wish.  To see her daughter again.  Her mission is a married single man, Michael, portrayed by How To Get Away With Murder star Jack Falahee, whom she next meets in a bar.  They share one night together.


We meet Michael’s best friend and wife Caleb and Rachel who are in love, very much known to Michael.  When they realize that there can be no future for them now that he is gone, Rachel contemplates suicide.  Francesca again intervenes and tells her that she is soon to be a mother.


At the funeral, Rachel is consoled by a woman who she’s never met before, Ryan who is in attendance with her fiancee Lucas, portrayed by Luke Hemsworth.  Luke hatches a plan with his pal Freddie to see if Rachel is in fact, the one.  As Freddie enters the bar where Rachel works he bumps into a dying man.  Francesca previously had a run in with the same man on a bus where she encourages him to reconnect with his son and daughter.  She warns that time is definitely not on his side.


Tempers raise when Rachel finds out who Freddie really is but is distracted by the fact that the old man she just served shots too in the bar might very well be her father, and that she has a living brother, portrayed by Twilights, Booboo Stewart.


The movie crosses a lot of lines while also connecting a lot of dots.  It is shot in Los Angeles, CA which lends to a variety of on location shooting especially the ending where we find them near the boats.

Watch the trailer below:

We Are Boats is currently open in select theaters nationwide.




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