Pro Wrestling WOW- Women of Wrestling

AXS TV Renews WOW-Women of Wrestling For A Second Season, 24 NEW Episodes Ordered

WOW- Women of Wrestling kicked off their series debut on AXS TV early this year. The show featured larger than life female characters such as Tessa Blanchard, Jessicka Havok, Fire, The Beast, Abilene Maverick and many more.

 “It is an honor to be able to continue this organization’s long tradition of showcasing the absolute best in all-female wrestling. The women of WOW appeal to a wide and diverse audience because of their strength, competitive spirit, and impressive athleticism, and the tremendous viewer response we’ve received is proof of that. This season was just the beginning, and we are all excited to build on our initial success with the delivery of new episodes airing in fall.”

-Jeanie Buss

The second TV tapings for WOW- Women of Wrestling will be taking place May 15 and May 16, at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles. The same location where they shot the premiere season. You can check out their Facebook events page for ticket information.

But that’s not all, WOW also announced that they will be launching a WOW Training Center in Long Beach. Becoming the first all-Women’s Wrestling school in the United States. The trainers of the historic school will be Tessa Blanchard and Selina Majors. The training center provides women seeking to become professional wrestlers with a place to train in a safe and secure environment.

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