UglyDolls: An Animated Musical with A Message About Self-Love & Imperfections

UglyDolls is a colorful, fun and witty movie about dolls with imperfections.

A dolls’ sole purpose in this world is to provide love and comfort to a child. However, all the dolls seen on store shelves are usually very pretty and perfect. We all know dolls are man-made by machines in factories; so what happens to the dolls that don’t make the cut?

UglyDolls focuses on those dolls that have been rejected and tossed aside, never able to find the perfect child to love. The story takes place in UglyVille- a not so ugly, bright and vibrant town where all the ugly dolls live. All the dolls are contempt with their current lives except for one. Moxy voiced by Kelly Clarkson is the dreamer. She’s the doll that wants more in life, she wants to go to the ‘big world’. The dolls are unsure of what the big world really is, but they set out to find it.

In the process of trying to find the big world, they discover it’s dark side. In order to get into a child’s home they must attend and pass the school of perfection. The school is filled with dolls that are absolutely perfect. They resemble humans, they have perfect hair, teeth, clothes and everything. Lou voiced by Nick Jonas is the most perfect doll, he is responsible for training the dolls and helping them move on. Although he’s perfect on the inside, his inner beauty isn’t so beautiful. In fact, he tries his hardest to stop Moxy and her crew from graduating.

The rest of the film, follows Moxy and her crew of UglyDolls as they try and graduate from the University so that they can one day get a child to love. Throughout the movie there are tons of musical numbers, that make the movie really enjoyable and easy to watch. Hence, if you’re an adult you will actually enjoy taking your kids to a kid’s movie.

Overall, UGLYDOLLS lends the message that even though we all have flaws and not one person is truly perfect we can all acquire our dreams by working hard and accepting our differences and making them our strengths.

More About The Movie

In the adorably different town of Uglyville, weird is celebrated, strange is special and beauty is embraced as more than simply meets the eye. Here, the free-spirited Moxy (Clarkson) and her UglyDoll friends live every day in a whirlwind of bliss, letting their freak flags fly in a celebration of life and its endless possibilities. 

In this all-new story, the UglyDolls will go on a journey beyond the comfortable borders of Uglyville. There, they will confront what it means to be different, struggle with their desire to be loved, and ultimately discover that you don’t have to be perfect to be amazing because who you truly are is what matters most. 

The film is inspired by the unique and beloved global plush toy phenomenon launched in 2001 and features all new original songs from the cast of popstars. Also starring in the voice cast of UGLYDOLLS are Wanda Sykes, Gabriel Iglesias, Wang Leehom, Emma Roberts, Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX and Lizzo.

In Theaters from STXfilms May 3, 2019. 






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