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Bellator 228: Main Card Results

Bellator 228  was held last night at the Forum in Los Angeles. The night included 12 prelim fights and six fights in the main card- in the main event portion Patricio “Pitbull” retained his Featherweight WGP World Title against Juan Archuleta and Gegard Mousasi defeated Lyoto Machida in a Middleweight bout. 

Bellator 228 held the second portion of the first round fights for the Featherweight Grand Prix, with the remaining eight men in the tournament participating in a Tournament selection show to decide to their next opponent and fight date. 




Daniel Weichel Defeats Saul Rogers by UD (29-28,30-27,29-28)

Round 1: Saul Rogers catches Daniel Weichel with a right momentarily stunning him. Then, Daniel Weichel stuns Rogers with a right with about 20 seconds left then went on an onslaught, throwing punches and kicks trying to finish him. Unfortunately for Weichel he didn’t have enough time to finish Rogers.

Round 2: Nothing much happened in this round but Weichel was the aggressor and controlled the cage.

Round 3: Saul Rogers came out like a guy who lost the first 2 rounds. He was the aggressor landed some shots but nothing to do much damage to Weichel. Again, Weichel landed a shot to stun Rogers but in trying to finish him Weichel got some damage. The round ended with Weichel as the aggressor.

Darrion Caldwell defeats Henry Corrales by UD(29-27,30-27×2)

Round 1: Great take down by Caldwell and immediately went to side control. From there Caldwell controlled the rest of the round, landed elbows and eventually caused a cut above Corrales’ eye. Before the round ended Caldwell luckily missed a knee to a down opponent which is illegal and could’ve cost him the fight. Prior to round 2 the referee warned him.

Round 2: Another strong takedown by Caldwell setting it up with a right high kick. Unlike the first round Corrales was able to get the fight back standing. Nothing much happened while standing Corrales really keeping his distance trying to avoid the take down. Caldwell got two more takedowns in the round but did minimal damage.

Round 3: Corrales came out the aggressor, like a guy down by two rounds. Meanwhile Caldwell is keeping his distance like a guy up by 2 rounds trying to avoid getting KO’d. Corrales was never able to close the distance so he never got close to land a KO shot. Referee warned Caldwell for stalling as he is just running circles around the cage. Corrales went for a desperate Guillotine choke but was never close.

AJ McKee defeats Georgi Karakhanyan by KO

AJ Mckee Ko’s Georgi in 8 seconds. There is just one word to describe this one, WOW.




Julia Budd will defend her Woman’s Featherweight Title January 25th against Cris Cyborg

Patrício Pitbull Defeated Juan Archuleta by UD(49-46,50-45,49-46)

Round 1: Archuleta threw a kick and lost his balance which allowed Pitbull to gain control and get on top with a guillotine choke. Pitbull kept that position for almost the entire round until he transition to side control and hit Archuleta with punches and elbows. Pitbull gained full mount with about 2 seconds left in the round.

Round 2: Putbull with a strong right and then a strong left. Pitbull is a precision striker while Archuleta is swinging wildly. Most of the round was spent clinched against the cage with both guys trying to gain the advantage. Referee Jason Herzog in between the round warns both guys about staying active while clinched.

Round 3: Archuleta with more wild swings and misses on both punches and kicks. Pitbull lands a right that drops Archuleta. Archuleta played opossum while catching his senses in a weak guillotine attempt by Pitbull. The rest of the round was spent Archuleta trying to close the distance and Pitbull.

Round 4: Archuleta was finally able to close the distance and hit Pitbull with a nice combo to start the round. Pitbull was able to land a left to once again drop Archuleta. The rest of the round was spent with the guys countering each other and feeling each other out.

Round 5: Archuleta needs to a stoppage to win this fight. Archuleta walked into a right by Pitbull. Archuleta fought this round like a guy trying to finish unfortunately it wasn’t enough and Pitbull survived.

Gegard Mousasi Defeated Lyoto Machida by SD (29-28, 30-27)

Round 1: This was your typical Machida round a bunch of movement not much action just waiting to counter Mousasi. When Machida did get close enough Mousasi hurt him.

Round 2: The secon round was more of the same but Machida was more active and landed some good body shots. Mousasi had a nice fury to start the round but not much else.

Round 3: More of the same from round 3. Mousasi was finally able to knockdown Machida and was in Machida’s guard but didn’t do much. In the last 20 seconds Machida caught Mousasi in a guillotine choke but ran out of time. 

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