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Netflix’s After Maria Focuses In On The Human Elements Post-Natural Disaster


In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria’s catastrophic destruction in 2017, three Puerto Rican women and their families are caught between worlds as their FEMA housing assistance in New York expires. With the threat of homelessness on the horizon, After Maria follows as they fight to keep their families together and weather the emotional effects from displacement.


The film is a true narrative for telling the story that never makes the mainstream media.  What happens when the aid runs out? How do families stay together? Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico and up to this day, people are still living on the streets, abandoned by their government, and waiting for any kind of resolution.  The characters in this documentary are everyday people.  They are human.  You can feel it.  They experience disbelief, disillusionment, and distress.  One of the characters in particular, Nilda, a twelve year old that has moved with her mother, is dealing with the mental health burdens of instability and becomes despondent.  It brings to life to very real reality of what victims of natural disasters face in the aftermath.  BTW, it is a real tear jerker.

We caught up with the director, Nadia Hallgren, after the screening as she spoke about what led her to want to tell this story.  Check out the podcast clip below:



You can stream After Maria on Netflix.


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