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5 Money Facts About Wrestlemania 35 at MetLife Stadium And How It Generated $165 MILLION For New York/New Jersey

It’s been said plenty before, but Wrestlemania weekend is the biggest week for wrestling fans. Wherever WWE chooses to host the event, what follows is a giant surge of fans from across the globe. Wrestlemania weekend itself is huge for WWE- and as the yearly tradition has gone by, the larger in scale it gets. WWE has added several events that fans can attend, from Monday Night Raw to Smackdown to NXT: Takeover to Fan Axxess and more. And those are just WWE events, the event draws so many fans that it has opened doors for many smaller wrestling promotions in the country. So it’s no surprise that Wrestlemania was able to generate $165.4 million dollars for the New York and New Jersey area.

Here are some interesting MONEY FACTS :

  1. $165.4 million in direct, indirect and induced impact derived from spending by visitors to the New York/New Jersey region for WrestleMania 35. – Wrestlemania reportedly held a sold-out crowd of 82,265 from all 50 states and 68 countries. And according to a study conducted by the Enigma Research Corporation, there was more than a 60 percent increase from the $101.2 million generated for WrestleMania 29 in New York and New Jersey, back in 2013. Also, making this the the eighth consecutive year that Wrestlemania generated over $100 million in economic impact for its host region.

2. 52% of fans that attended WrestleMania were from outside the New York and New Jersey region and stayed an average of 4.6 nights. – This makes sense given the nature of how many events were held this year, most events began running on Thursday and lasted till Tuesday, with many fans also taking additional dates for site-seeing.

3. $23.9 million was spent on hotels and accommodations within the New York/New Jersey region. – The best part of Wrestlemania being held in a city like New York is that it’s used to high levels of tourism therefore there are more options when it comes to accommodation within those regions.

4. The economic impact derived from WrestleMania Week was equal to the creation of 1,534 full-time jobs for the area. – WWE has noted that in the last 13 years, WrestleMania has generated more than $1.3 billion in cumulative economic impact for the cities that have hosted the event. With  WrestleMania 35 also generating an approximate $27.1 million in federal, state and local taxes.

5. $6.6 million was spent by visitors to the region at area restaurants. – As mentioned above, New York can handle the tourism, given the endless amounts of places to eat, entertainment and more.

What About Next Year?

Next year, WrestleMania 36 will take place Sunday, April 5 live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. 

When Do Tickets Go On Sale?

Tickets are available this Friday, November 15 at 10 AM ET through Ticketmaster. 

What About The Wrestlemania Travel Packages?

WrestleMania Travel packages are currently available via 

How Can I Watch The Show?

Wrestlemania will be streamed live around the world on the WWE Network. 

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