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IMPACT Wrestling: HARD TO KILL Full Recap & Results

Right off the bat, the first thing I’d like to point out is that the production value for Impact has improved since their move to AXS TV- making the shows easier to watch and enjoy. With that being said- let’s jump into the pay-per-view recap and review. 

1. Ken Shamrock defeated Madman Fulton

This match wasn’t very good. Both guys have great looks but have limitations and this match did nothing to hide them. Lots of grappling, kicks and punches. Fulton is a big man and really doesn’t work like a big man. The finish saw Fulton’s shoulder popped out by Shamrock locking Kimura which lead to Shamrock verbally tapping Fulton with a Fujiwara armbar.

2. Impact X-Division Championship: Ace Austin defeated Trey Miguel to retain the X-Division Title

This was a really good match. These guys can have a classic high flying match instead this was a fight and both guys brought it. Considering much of this feud centered around the advances of Ace Austin on Trey’s mom this match made sense. Good brawling with good timing high spots. I really hope this feud continues. Ace won by hitting The Fold.

3. Impact Knockouts Championship: Taya defeated Jordynne Grace & ODB to retain the Knockouts Title

When Taya and Jordynne were in the match it was good and entertaining. However, whenever they interacted with ODB it fell apart. So by adding ODB it subtracted time in the match that Jordynne and Taya could’ve had. Taya won by stealing the pin Jordynne after Jordynne hit the grace driver.

4. RVD defeated Daga

So the RVD vs Brian Cage match never happened. They brawled for a bit, Cage was distracted which then led to RVD hitting the Van Terminator on Cage. This brought Daga out and we replaced Cage in the match. In 2020, RVD should not be defeated Daga. Regardless of RVD’s new persona. As far as the match goes,  it was just there. Crowd really died after Cage was taken out and never came out. Daga looked great on offense which made his loss against RVD even more baffling. RVD won with his 5 Star Frog Splash.

5. Eddie Edwards defeated Michael Elgin

This match ruled so much. It was so great and it got progressively better with the crowd getting more and more into it. It was hard hitting and a high impact match. Michael Elgin has teared it up on PPV since debuting last year and I think this is the Eddie Edwards fans want to see. Eddie won via a Toyota Roll. Such a great match.

6. Moose defeated Rhino

This match was really helped by the no DQ stipulation. It was hard hitting and kept the crowd engage. In terms of a hardcore match this was one of the better ones. Both guys took punishment but at no point did it feel like it was too much. Moose pinned Rhino after the spear, no jack hammer necessary. Moose is really good at these type of hardcore matches.

7. Impact Tag Team Championship: The North defeated Willie Mack

Rich Swann was injured and unable to compete making this a 2 on 1 instead. The match was perfectly laid out. They gave Willie enough offense to make people believe he could win the titles by himself without making The North look weak. The best moment was when Willie hit a Doomsday Canadian Destroyer on Josh Alexander. Willie then hit a 6-star Frog Splash on Alexander for the near fall. In the end, The North was too much and beat Willie. Great effort by Willie.

8. Impact World Championship: Tessa Blanchard defeated Sami Callihan to become Impact World Champion

This match was amazing. From bell to bell it was non-stop action and within the first minute, Sami hit Tessa with a pile driver for a near fall. Sami pulled every vile trick in the book, in an era when everyone wants to be a cool heel Sami wants to be despised. This crowd was firmly behind Tessa and as the match went on, the momentum for grew for her. The more punishment Tessa took, the more people believed she could beat Sami and she finally did with the Buzzsaw DDT. The crowd loved it and kudos to both.

Overall, Hard To Kill had some early misses but after the Eddie Edwards\Michael Elgin match everything picked up a notch and stayed consistent. Tessa and Sami both put on a great performance. Lastly, I’m excited to see where Tessa’s reign goes.

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