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Mickie James Discusses Her WWE Return & the Evolution of Women’s Wrestling


Mickie James Says She Wants To Contribute More And Guide The Up & Coming Women on the NXT Roster And She Wants To Win Gold During This WWE Run 

I wanna win one more championship, I didn’t come back, this whole run to not win one piece of gold. And maybe those shiny tag team championships because they’re new, that would be fun…. As far as wrestling I wanna continue to contribute… I do have so much more to give I think on both sides of the arena. I do eventually want to crossover and help a lot of the younger talent. Because there are the girls, there’s Nattie, there’s me, there’s women in the locker room that are helping but there isn’t a lot to be able to give that to the talent that is coming up from NXT. To be able to help them with their promos, stuff like that, just kind of guide them or show them because even though it’s 2020 and we do have all these movements and we do have all of these stuff and it is a different world out there, we still are the Women’s division and we are still fighting, we’ve come a long way and it’s taken a long time to get there. 

Mickie James On Her WWE Return and Fan Reactions On Twitter

It feels good to be back, I feel better than ever, from a personal standpoint I feel great I am excited to be back. I am excited about new opportunities, new matches. As far as my return I am a little bit disappointed, but you can’t win them all. You can’t knock it out of the park every time…The fan reaction has been amazing. I love them. I am so grateful, so grateful that my fans have always been loud and they’ve always been proud. I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I let them do my work for me. 

Mickie James Talks About Performing In Front of The NXT Talent Versus A Real Audience 

It was very very different because that was my first time back performing in those circumstances, so hats off to all the talent who have been working through these circumstances. It’s really hard to go out there and get your butt kicked or kick butt with zero audience out there and thank goodness for the NXT talent that are out there to create that noise and create those reactions, create those emotions because it helps. It helps so much. It’s hard work, it’s so quiet, so empty. You’re so used to feeding and living off the energy from the audience and you don’t have that immediate satisfaction to know whether something is getting the response and the emotion you want out of it or not, you don’t know until you check the internet. And you hope you’re telling the right story, you hope you’re doing what you need to be doing but it’s hard. 

Mickie James She Wants A True Singles Program And Names The Women She Wants To Work With 

I haven’t had the chance to have a true singles program, I think with the exception of Alexa, everything has been tag team matches, everything has been an alliance or something. The story hasn’t really been about me for the most part except for my storyline with Alexa. So, I can’t wait to work with all of the girls, I wanna work with Bayley, I wanna work with Sasha, I wanna work with Becky Lynch when she comes back, I wanna work with Charlotte when she comes back. This is actually my first time really working with Nattie, like in a program kind of thing so I am excited about what we can do together. I mean I love Nattie, I’ve always thought Nattie is one of the best wrestlers we have. 

Mickie James on What It Will Take For Another Woman To Take The Becky Lynch Spot 

It’s a rarity when someone gets red hot like that, that’s a different level. We all aspire to get to that. You just need; sometimes it’s just that one thing, that one thing and she got it. And she rolled with it. She was on fire. Nobody was more over than Becky…It’s so awesome to see that now as being a female spot because those spots were always delegated for men, that kind of big money, big level push, that much time, that much investment, and getting the microphone and all of that stuff. She took the ball and she ran with it and she kicked ass and I’m so proud of her… I think that spot is open, but it’s one of those things where yeah that spot is open but it’s going to take not only a big character but the right investment. 


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