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AEW Star Miro Confirms That He Is A Swiftie & Sings ‘Shake It Off’ {VIDEO}

I sat down with All Elite Wrestling’s “The Best Man” Miro, and in the interview we confirmed that Miro is indeed a fellow Taylor Swift fan aka a “Swiftie”.

Prior, a video had circulated the web of the AEW star singing along to Taylor’s ‘Shake It Off’ as he played games on his Twitch channel and I wanted to find out if it as a one time thing or if he was a full fledge fan? Turns out Miro Day is not complete without the musical stylings of Taylor Swift.

Miro went on to say that he is a fan of hers and even sang ‘Shake It Off’ again! Adding that Taylor and Pink are his favorite pop stars.

To watch Miro sing ‘Shake It Off,’ check it out here.

And for the full video interview, you can view it here.

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