Listen To Terrell Hines New Track & Music Video For “We’re All Gonna Be Killed”

Listen here: https://terrellhines.lnk.to/WAGBKPR

“Nowadays, music with substance is both rare and appreciated. Insert Terrell Hines, who uses his voice to speak about important things happening in the world, intertwining his own life experiences with his overflowing knowledge of linguistics, synesthesia, and psychology.” Flaunt Magazine

Terrell Hines’ music contains multitudes, and not just in the obvious way that it blurs all manner of genres into one big urgent, beautiful, hyper-dynamic ball of energy.” – RESPECT. Magazine

“Terrell Hines’ music falls somewhere between TV on the Radio’s post–Cookie Mountain synth-heavy reinvention and Young Fathers’ career-spanning hyper-experimentalism.” – Flood Magazine

October 21, 2020 – Los Angeles – Today, Terrell Hines shares an electrifying new song called “We’re All Gonna Be Killed.” Released via Capitol Records, “We’re All Gonna Be Killed” is accompanied by an equally incendiary video from the up-and-coming songwriter/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/producer. Listen HERE, and watch the video HERE.

“We’re All Gonna Be Killed” is just me reflecting on how sinister humans can be. [This track] is me reflecting on the tension of 2020 so far. Nothing is okay…“ says Hines.

Explosive yet ecstatic, “We’re All Gonna Be Killed” is the latest showcase for Hines’s kinetic and transcendent breed of left-of-center hip-hop — an endlessly inventive sound recently captured on his debut project Portal One: The Mixtape. After opening on a stripped-back and soulful intro, “We’re All Gonna Be Killed” suddenly shifts into a delirious beat, a perfect backdrop for Hines’s breakneck flow and penetrating lyrics.

Directed by Danielle DeGrasse-Alston and filmed at Two Seas Studio in Los Angeles, the video for “We’re All Gonna Be Killed” co-stars a troupe of young ribbon dancers, gymnasts, and wrestlers, each shot in show-stopping slo-mo. Meanwhile, Hines plays the part of master of ceremonies, decked out in top hat and cane as he presides over a series of wrestling matches among children. The result is a can’t-look-away visual that’s both brilliantly bizarre and profoundly unsettling.

“We’re All Gonna Be Killed” arrives as Hines’s first new music since Portal One: The Mixtape, a nine-track effort released in August. Co-produced by Hines, the project features his powerful and politically charged single “Get Up (with Vince Staples).” In creating Portal One: The Mixtape, Hines infused each song with the raw energy of live guitar, drums, bass, keys, and strings, displaying a polymathic musicality honed in part through his studies at The Berklee College of Music (which he attended on a full-ride scholarship). Listen to Portal One: The Mixtape HERE.

A consummate artist’s artist, Hines recently appeared on the title track to Beck’s 2019 album Hyperspace. Also in 2019, Hines’s saw a major rise in his profile when his music was used in an Apple Keynote. Despite never having released an album or toured in the U.S., he’s now amassed more than two million streams.

More About Terrell Hines: The core of his sound is a living mix of eerie soul, alt-pop, hip-hop, post-punk, and southern funk, but Hines is a world-builder with a voracious mind. This Georgia-born, Los Angeles-based visionary has created an entire ecosystem for his songs, where sonic structures and lyrics are just as likely to be inspired by the sociopolitical as the personal, by functional architecture as abstract art, by the austere science of survival-ism as the limitless potential of technology. The best part is, you don’t have to know all that to feel the holistic magic of Hines’s work. We hear immediacy, exuberance, freedom, and ingenuity — music as surprising as it is captivating — while he sees a burning question: “If shit popped off and society had to be rebuilt,” asks Hines, “how would I do it?”

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