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Jey Uso Says Jimmy Might Be Back Real Soon, Talks About Feuding with Roman Reigns

Jey Uso has had an explosive past several months, feuding with his own cousin Roman Reigns and showing the WWE Universe who he is as a singles performer. This week he continues adding to his list of matches, as he’s scheduled to face Daniel Bryan inside a Steel Cage match on Friday Night Smackdown.

Ahead of this Steel Cage match, I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Jey about everything he has done on in his own since his brother Jimmy suffered a knee injury at Wrestlemania 36, that has kept him out of action for nearly a year.

Jey and I discussed his feud with Roman Reigns, what his initial reactions were and how he felt about his performance to even sharing an update on his brother Jimmy Uso.

In regards to Jimmy Uso and a possible return, Jey had this to say, “Yeah my brother’s rehab is going just as planned. Keep your head on a swivel, because he might be creeping and it’s going to be real real real soon. The Uso Penitentiary might be open real real soon!”

The WWE Universe got to see a whole new Jey Uso, his matches against Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions and at Hell In A Cell 2020 were amongst fan favorites.

“As each week went by you could see me growing, people started getting behind {me}…I am enjoying this ride, I know I ain’t wasting it, I am on right now and I know I am lit every Friday.”

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso’s feud was mainly regarded highly by fans because of the story driven matches they had.

“It was so comfortable being in there against my cousin, and a lot of it felt real so it was easy for us to portray that realness. That’s why people got with it, got with me,” also adding, “I am happy because I don’t think I could have pulled it off with anyone else but him and he couldn’t have pulled it off with anyone but me.”

Roman’s work on WWE has been on another level since his return and Jey opens up about getting to work alongside him.

“I love seeing him do his thing because I know that’s really him, he’s really feeling himself. “

For those wondering if Jey’s momentum will shift with the return of his brother Jimmy, here’s what he had to say,

“I am not wasting this opportunity, I enjoy going to work now, it took a long time to get here and then when my brother come’s back around we’re gonna turn up the tag division and we’re still gonna hold it down for the Tribal Chief. “

– Jey Uso, Instinct Culture , March 2, 2021.

Towards the end of the interview Jey Uso also played a 10 question Lightning Round game where he answered several different questions about himself, you can check out the full interview here.

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