AEW Pro Wrestling

CHRIS JERICHO On Stadium Stampede, Young AEW Talent, Urban Meyer at Double or Nothing & MORE! {VIDEO}

Hey everyone! I got to attend the post media scrum at AEW Double or Nothing 2021, here is the the high quality video and audio of Chris Jericho’s post show interview with the press. Enjoy!

  • 0:00– Thoughts On Stadium Stampede
  • 1:29– Touring with Fozzy and AEW
  • 1:55– Thoughts on Urban Meyer Appearance
  • 2:25– Differences In The Second Stadium Stampede
  • 3:25– Mark Henry on AEW
  • 4:26 – Crowd Singing To Judas
  • 5:18– Hispanic Talent on Inner Circle
  • 6:24– Inner Circle Storyline
  • 8:13– Young Talent in AEW
  • 9:51 Chemistry with MJF

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